The news cycle has continued but it was only a two weekends ago when the battle was between the sports world and Donald Trump.  Before his condemnation of  Puerto Rican mayors, Donald Trump made comments about NFL players kneeling for the national anthem during an Alabama political rally.  He even took it a step further uninviting Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors to the annual championship White House visit.  Now, this is not a think piece to debate if his comments were right or wrong it’s more about the backlash.  More particularly, we’ll  dive into one particular response from the NBA crowned King, “LeBron James”:

As leaders respectability is something we all want from our staff or fellow student leaders.  Here are some tips to help you avoid being considered a BUM leader by your peers.

Twitter Fingers

In 2017, we must remember the internet can make or break your career.  We have seen countless students, public officials, educators and more get fired because of 140 characters.  We must be aware of our position and audience.

“According to, 28 percent of employers report that they’ve fired people for using the Internet for non-work-related activity (such as shopping online or checking out Facebook, for example) during the workday and 18 percent have dismissed employees because of something they posted on social media.”

As administrators, we must realize the power of our voice even behind a keyboard.  Moving forward, if you are nervous about the potential backlash of colleagues or students DON’T POST it.

On the other end, we must realize ways to reach your audience using social media from the Presidential office to the clubs/organizations and students. Some great pages to follow:

Learn the platforms or get those with energy to help create a social media pulse. If done correctly this can bring positive results and perspectives to your next strategic meeting.

Loosen the top button

Cultural competency extends further than understanding a student’s race.  Recently at a university, I watched every major leader walk past students performing their hearts out.  One administrator turned his nose while placing his sunglasses on in the building.  It is time to realize that institutions will not move forward if we don’t continue to support our students in every facet. It is ok to move your head and feet to the beat of the students figuratively and realistically.   I need you to get out in the field create conversation from your students and staff.  Students love to see current administrators stop by for an event or meeting. They even like to see admin stop by the student union with authenticity and support.  Get out there check the student’s pulses become transparent on your campus.  Exchange that pointless meeting for a visit to the student union building.  Identify those Noel Levitz numbers with actual students you know on campus.


Shifts Happen When Opportunity is made available to the voiceless, invite them in the room!

As leaders, we must make sure our rooms are represented by every voice possible.  Many times in the main meetings and committees we have so many groups left out the important conversation. It is time to seek other leaders and voices to make your campus, office or organization remain culturally competent.  Seasoned leaders, it may be your chance to create a dual mentorship. Yes, grab the young individual to teach you about current cultural tropes while you provide expertise on years in the game. Donald Trump took back his invitation to Steph Curry. How many of us were afraid to invite folks that may challenge our ideology or question things that were maybe affecting your students or staff shortly. We must sometimes starve our ego to keep others around our leadership happy. Don’t be afraid to lead, step back or join just avoid being recognized as a BUM leader by your peers.




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