6 Views from Drake to Help with Branding
Trill or Not Trill?

October has a few holidays from Columbus Day to Halloween. This month also includes OVO(October’s Very Own) Drake’s birthday, which to many is a celebration in of itself. Drake and I share the same birth year of 1986. Drake with considerable debate is running the hip hop game. Anything he touches, approves or drops, hits the top of billboard charts fast. Drake actually owns 100 songs that were featured on the billboard top 100. As a professor of business I have decided to take 6 phrases from those Drake hits that will help with branding & marketing. I would like to call this: “Views from the 6”:

Drake Definition: Four years ago Drake was just starting out, and now that he’s deep into the game, he’s a different person. Not only has he attained a higher status, but he also has a more mature approach to life and the world around him. You can’t address him the same way you did before; that’d be disrespectful to his character.(Courtesy of: Rap Genius)

Marketing Definition: (Part 1) In the start you may do things for “free” to help establish a name. As a unknown educator and speaker I took advantage of volunteer gigs to boost my resume. But you must know when to turn that free switch off. Start to put a value on your business and service. People may try to devalue your business because they know you. But if you have the credentials and resume make sure you’re addressed correctly and paid the same!

(Part 2) As a reader and entrepreneur I would like to recommend my favorite book, “48 Laws of Power”. This book included “law 15” which says to crush your enemy totally;which goes perfectly with this lyric. Business is nothing personal so make sure you keep a competitive spirit. Make every move strategic. Keep your competitors on their toes and totally outshine them with customer service, marketing strategies, follow up and an established mission. Perfect example of this is the recent Drake vs. Meek Mill battle.

Drake Definition: You’re number one now, but will the success last?

Marketing Definition: In business especially as an entrepreneur people will initially enjoy your success. You may be the industry leader but do not fall victim in comfort. Competitors will always be ready to take your spot. From imitation to defamation, always be ready to compete and remain hungry. Do not be afraid to partner with other industry leaders similar to Drake and Future’s latest project title “What a Time to Be Alive. This can be a benefit to both sides in increase revenues and potential new customer base.

Drake definition: Don’t be afraid to take a chance.

Marketing Definition: (Part 1) Risk taking is literally the synonym of entrepreneurship. As a business owner you must have no fear. You must invest your times and money into this business. You are the i.v. and nutrients needed to have the heartbeat continue in your business. Even though the millennials are into entrepreneurship with the emergence of social media it’s still risky business. According to Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months. That means 80% crash and fail within the first 3 years. But you can be that 20% by planning accordingly and taking calculated risks. Start first by completing a compelling story.

(Part 2) Drake did not come in the game sounding like a traditional rapper. He was considered a singer/rapper which made some call him too soft. 100 songs on the top 100 billboard and a recent slaughter of Meek Mill and those thoughts changed quickly. In marketing and branding we call this differentiation. This is the process of distinguishing a product or service from others, to make it more attractive for a particular target market. This will help ease your worry of failure. Take a risk!



Drake Definition: Drake is reminiscing about his days of hustling with a job which was not his passion. A playback to his single, Started From the Bottom.

Marketing Definition: So many take jobs just to pay bills or get by. But don’t dismiss the value of having a job period. I always tell people the thing that makes me successful, is my time in retail. My jobs at Target and Foot Locker showed me the importance of customer service and experience. Customers will always remember the experience with your service or product. When people give recommendations of a restaurant, hair stylist or even a college they always tell a story. Show your customers your human side which will help increase more transactions and repeat customers. In business we call this empathy the ability to understand and share others feelings. Drake tends to devalue his fame and money by delivering lyrics that we all can relate. Remember don’t Drake and Drive.



Drake Definition: During his adolescence it was difficult to make friends, most of his classmates thought it was rare having a black Jewish kid as a classmate. Still, it was not an obstacle for Drake and he kept trying to fulfill his dream and he did it. To keep it real with you, I like both Drake’s music and lyrics. He gets deeper in his feelings and sings songs of what he feels; this makes many people identify with him.

Marketing Definition: As an entrepreneur everyone from your parents and more may question your decision. You must realize your introduction as an entrepreneur at events and socials will surely gain some side eye. People will tend to believe you’re unstable in job security. According to Babson College since 2013, only 13 percent of the population is involved in a startup. Let your job difference be the opening act. Now you have their attention it’s time to have a sharp 30 second pitch and confidence despite being so different. The greatest thing about being an entrepreneur is excitement. Each day is filled with new opportunities. So being different here will work in your favor I promise.


Drake Definition: Similar to his mentor Lil Wayne, Drizzy is leaving Cash Money, and rebelling against Birdman. Although he is a little less direct than Weezy was, he still gets the point across. Due to the unfair deals that Birdman and YMCMB have been known to give, Drake has made a lot less money than he could have. Although Drake (and his estimated 55 million dollar net worth) are not actually sleeping on the floor, he is making a lot less money than he could be. Drake explains on this track that he too has reasons to feel slighted by the label that birthed him.

Marketing Definition: You have a great entrepreneurial spirit and plan, now what? To be honest many people dream of having their own business but are too afraid. It’s time to create that business plan. Look at your 3-5 year goals and make the leap. Drake was smart by using a partnership (as mentioned earlier) with the hottest label Young Money. He gained such a buzz thus helping him springboard enough to become more independent. In business it’s similar you may need your job for resources, knowledge and customer. Once you feel comfortable no hard feelings but time to fire that boss.

Complete an assessment of your hours at work, salary and realistic goals. Gain a mentor and financial advisor once complete. This has to be very strategic. Firing your boss is the biggest risk by an entrepreneur. But why work for someone’s else’s dreams when you have your own.

(All quotes obtained from Rap Genius)


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