Drake and Rihanna: You and Your Career
Trill or Not Trill?

Well folks, the time is now to rejoice, celebrate, and pull out you’re Drake and Riri gear! Because guess what?! They’re FINALLY and I mean FINALLY (because it felt like forever…) together! Yes, that’s right! Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you should know by now that Drake not only presented Rih Rih with the Michael Jackson Vanguard award, but also a down to earth speech where he professed his love to Rihanna at the VMA’s (in front of the whole world might I add, because you know things like this are highly televised). Anyways you get the point! Since then, the couple have been caught out at nightclubs, restaurants, bars, you name it! Being as cute as can be. A few weeks have passed and guess what? They’re still together. Because it’s the modern day century and we need couples to idolize, Drake and Rihanna (or AubRih; their new nickname) are like the modern day love story! Because let’s be real, who wouldn’t want to be in either one of their shoes. Wait. Pause. I’m sorry but can we just take a second to really think about this power couple that has come to be?! Jay Z and Beyoncé better watch their throne, because there’s a new star studded romance in town! Thus, when it comes to this couple being idolized by not just me, but many others around the globe, there’s so much one can learn. I mean just think about it, this relationship wasn’t built in a day. We’re talking arguments, collaborations, star studded events, performances, tours, and so much more to obtain this passionate love for one another. Thus, when it comes down to this passionate love Drake and Rihanna have for one another, it almost parallels to ones love with a certain career. We as citizens spend so much time arguing with ourselves, trying to narrow down the one thing that we will do for the rest of our lives. And sometimes, that can be a little (a lot) overwhelming. But lucky for us, we have Rihanna and Drake’s love story to guide us through the hard times:

“All so convinced that you’re following your heart ‘Cause your mind don’t control what it does sometimes” – Take Care

When it comes down to choosing a career, especially in college, many have the Image result for drake rihanna take caretendency to lean towards their what they might think is best or what someone told them instead of thinking critically. But with Drake and Rihanna, they never regretted following their hearts and longing for another! And neither should you! (keep in mind we’re talking about a career you’re longing for. Ok? Ok.) One spends four years being taught what job is right for them and which salary is the best. But in reality, do you really want to spend your whole life doing something that sure, might pay well, but leaves you feeling empty longing to do something else. No. The answer is no! And that’s why it is completely ok to follow your heart when making the tough decision on a career settlement. Like everyone’s mother always said, “do something you love, and you’ll never work a day in you’re life!” And as much as we hate to think it…mother’s always know best. And even if you’re unsure of the salary, or the environment, you need to trust that instinct and realize that if you end up doing what you love, nothing can get in your way. Just trust that you career will take care of you. (Oh my gosh I’m so corny, I apologize in advance.)

“Lately you just made me work too hard for you, got me on flights overseas” – Too Good

Career exploration, or even having a career at all is a lot of hard work. This is one of Image result for drake too good videothe downfalls of being in a relationship with your career. Sometimes you might feel defeated at your job, like you’re working too hard while everyone else is slacking off. But you can’t let that defeat you! Go back, and think about why you came into this career in the first place. Was it to make a difference, to help others, because you simply loved doing it? Whatever the answer is don’t lose sight of that and keep working. I know it can seem like you’re too good for a certain career, but continue to give it all that you’ve got and trust me one day you’ll be rewarded.

“Work, work, work, work, work”

Sure loving your job, and feeling frustrated is one thing. But no one ever came out on top by being lazy. With relationships, and careers, it’s all about putting in the work toImage result for drake too good video assemble something better. Thus, one must work hard, be dedicated, and follow their heart, which will result in a love for your career! Drake and Rihanna had ups and downs, but they put in the work which resulted in their current relationship! (which I’m loving by the way, seriously can’t get over it.) All of this, not including the relationship part with Drake and Rihanna, you can accomplish within your career! So work, work, work, work, work yourself to the career of your dreams my friends.

So next time you’re roaming the web, and come across Drake and Rihanna together in all their glory, just think, you could have all of that! Minus the relationship, Drake, or Rihanna… Okay, let me take that back, you could have that type of relationship, with a career though! So, I mean, it’s kind of the same! And I know many of you will accomplish this relationship with your careers. So Congratulations in advance!


Bailey Synclaire is a vibrant college student studying journalism at the University of Missouri Columbia. Born and raised in St.Louis MO, she’s passionate about journalism, pop-culture, Instagram, family, and most importantly, the St.Louis Cardinals. With only one year of college under her belt she’s looking forward to the future.