High School to the Pros: Kobe Edition
60 Tips Before Hitting the Real World
Trill or Not Trill?


Twenty years ago Kobe Bryant left his senior year in high school to hit the pros. Over those years we may have witness one of the greatest NBA player to ever live. Last night we all saw or heard that Kobe Bryant dropped an amazing 60 points in his final NBA game. Let’s take 60 tips that will help you transition from your senior year of high school to the professional ranks. Let’s leave a legendary mark just like the Mamba.

  1. Apply no matter the requirements
  2. Participate in extra curriculum activities
  3. Volunteer volunteer volunteer
  4. In HS Minimum GPA 3.0
  5. In HS Minimum SAT 1000 (Math & Verbal)
  6. In HS Minimum ACT 20
  7. Always apply to your dream school
  8. Secure a safety school
  9. If you are an athlete complete clearinghouse
  10. Visit your dream school
  11. Visit at least 5 schools
  12. Complete your FAFSA
  13. Keep copies of your Tax Returns
  14. Remove dead weight(bad friends)
  15. Prepare for the placement test
  16. Get yourself Mentors mentors mentors
  17. Complete a activities/club list before leaving HS
  18. Proofread your college admissions essay
  19. Ask for letters of recommendation early
  20. Complete a resume
  21. Attend college fairs
  22. Attend career fairs
  23. Introduce yourself to college admissions counselors
  24. Prep for the SATs
  25. Respect your parents or guardians they are here to help
  26. Apply to scholarships local to merit based
  27. Find your passion then choose your major
  28. Meet and get to know your advisor
  29. Good or bad your roommate will teach you life lessons
  30. Study abroad
  31. Join leadership groups and positions
  32. By all means avoid missing class
  33. Stay away from Drugs
  34. Check GPA requirement for your major
  35. Introduce yourself to Campus Life
  36. Introduce yourself to the Career Center
  37. Internships please apply
  38. Make the Deans list
  39. See where your major ranks in your school
  40. Take electives that makes you well verse
  41. Declare a unique major and a minor too
  42. Run for office
  43. Attend a sporting event at your campus
  44. Party have fun
  45. Party responsibly
  46. No underage drinking
  47. Always back up your files (Dropbox, jump drives, etc)
  48. Wash your clothes carefully
  49. Go check the dryer
  50. If you can live on campus year 1
  51. Become a orientation leader
  52. Take a public speaking course
  53. Get out of your comfort zone
  54. Master your writing skills
  55. Heartbreak is temporary
  56. Mental health is real
  57. Get to know Greek Life, Clubs and Orgs.
  58. Fill out graduation clearance early
  59. Complete all core and major courses
  60. Make it to your graduation ceremony on timekobe chestIMG_5452
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