The Doctor is In
Hip Hop Highlights Mental Health Support
Trill or Not Trill?

In the world of hip hop, a spotlight has been recently cast on mental health as result of artists such as Kid Kudi and now Kanye West whom have publicly experienced emotional crises requiring them to seek professional help.

Their experiences present an excellent opportunity to discuss the importance of one’s mental health, signs and symptoms and when one should seek the services of a professional mental health provider.

Often times, within different racial and ethnic communities mental illness is either minimized, goes ignored or viewed as an eccentricity. Seeking professional help is often looked down on, ridiculed, or seen as sign of a weakness.

As a former college counseling director, I want to encourage using the supports and resources available to you at your counseling center. These supports have been put in place to help students confront and cope with different issues of distress whether it has to with school, family, health, relationships or other personal issues. It is a strength when a student can acknowledge and seek help when needed.

It is also critical recognize and identify the signs when someone needs help:

Changes in Mood

Too little or too much sleep
Poor appetite or overeating
Little enjoyment or pleasure in doing things
Feelings of sadness and hopelessness
Low energy, tiredness
Thoughts of hurting oneself or others


Excessive worry
Feeling of impending doom
Being easily fatigue

Changes in Thought

Hearing voices
Seeing things that don’t exist
Constant feelings of being followed or pursued by others
Distorted perceptions of reality

If you or a friend are experiencing such symptoms, I strongly recommend that you seek help from your college counselor. Your counseling center is a safe place where what you share is viewed without judgment and is held confidential and private. As mental health professionals, our goal is to see you develop and rise to your potential, providing you with the tools and the resources to help you overcome your emotional challenges and succeed.


Dr. Adegoke earned her doctoral degree at Seton Hall University. Her training emphasized and fostered the development of both research and clinical skills. During the course of her studies, she participated in various clinical training experiences in child and adolescent psychiatry. As a doctoral student, she also taught graduate level counseling courses and collaborated on several research studies and presentations with a focus on multicultural issues.Her research interest lie in examining mental health issues in minority communities. In 2013, she published her first book titled Eating Disorders in Black women.

Dr. Adegoke is a member New York Psychological Association.  She is a member of the following divisions: Division of Race, Cultural Ethnicity, Division of Women Issues and Early Career Psychologists. She is also a member of the Haitian American Psychiatric Association.

Currently, Dr. Adegoke a consultant psychologist where she provides clinical services to adults in hospital, rehabilitation centers and skilled nursing homes.