The Importance of Cam Newton’s Touchdowns
Trill or Not Trill?


We’ve got our Super Bowl match up. It’ll be the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers. The battle within the battle is between the starting quarterbacks. Cam Newton versus Peyton Manning features a young star against the hall of fame veteran. I love watching both QB’s play but there’s something about Cam Newton that stands out. His ability to score touchdowns is more than just 7 points on the board. Of course we found some leadership moments.

Celebrating the Small Victories
I know they say that you have to act like you’ve been there before. Cam Newton’s 2016-01-25celebrations are among the most criticized in the league. I’m perfectly fine with the celebratory acts. I personally think him Dabbin is a cultural connector to his generation. There’s also a difference between showboating and celebrating the small victories. In life and leadership the pressure to succeed is at times immense. With that sentiment, the small victories get lost in the mix. The first down celebration or beating a project deadline might seem mundane and regular. It might be something you’re supposed to do, but that doesn’t mean avoid enjoying the specific moment. Boost up your self esteem and appreciate the work you put in. Do so knowing that there’s more to do after that touchdown.

Giving Back to the Peopletd girl
Giving back is an integral part of leadership. Whether it’s through volunteering or simply helping someone out, this is a trait all great leaders possess. One of the Trillest things that Cam Newton and the rest of his teammates do is find a young boy or girl in the stands and give them the scoring ball. They even do this on the road. The team is literally making someone’s day and creating a lifelong memory. As a leader always think about how you can impact the lives of others. What things, even if small in nature, can you do to bring excitement to others. It could be a rousing speech or providing that lending ear when nobody else would listen. Giving back comes in any shape.

Letting the Naysayers Know
With every TD, Cam Newton is proving somebody wrong. Particularly some football analysts. Despite winning the Heisman Trophy and the Nationaimg_6986l Championship, his leadership and ability was questioned as he entered the league. Not every player has overcome such criticism and succeed. It can quite overwhelming. Cam has bypassed the noise and let his play do the talking. As a leader, you’ll run into people who have doubts in your ability. That’s always going to happen. How you react to that is the key. Can you overcome naysayers and excel? One must be able to look at the detractors and use that as fuel for your excellence.

Teamwork. Dream Work.
Now granted, these were cleats worn during warm ups, so no opposing defenses wereimg_6984 harmed by this footwear. Before the game Cam Newton rocked some kicks that had the names of his teammates written all over. For a player who is constantly referred to as selfish and egotistical, this was a great team oriented gesture. As a leader one must recognize it’s not about “me” it’s about “us.” You can only go as far as the people who surround you. If taking on a challenge and adversity, solo dolo sounds like a plan; think again. In addition be sure to recognize your team or Eboard or fellow RAs. If you’re the leader of that group, this will help motivate them as well.

Cultural Relevancy
I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge Cam Newton’s presence and success as a

NFL draft prospect Cam Newton shares a laugh with former NFL quarterback Warren Moon, right, during a football workout Thursday, Feb. 10, 2011, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Chris Park)

NFL draft prospect Cam Newton shares a laugh with former NFL quarterback Warren Moon, right, during a football workout Thursday, Feb. 10, 2011, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Chris Park)

black quarterback. Historically only 5 black QBs have started the Super Bowl with only two winners. Studies have reported  black QBs are more likely to get benched than their white counterparts. When Cam Newton scores, he’s not standing up for his race, but you better believe he is influencing a young African American and future quarterback; just as much if not more than Carson Palmer or Peyton Manning. With that said, there is some cultural relevancy in his success. Quarterbacks are the face of team more times than not. Cam is currently the face of the Panthers and to an extent, Black excellence.  Many leaders are part of societal and culturally marginalized groups. When this is the case, don’t feel obliged to fit the stereotypes placed on you. You aren’t the torch bearer for your entire race, gender, culture or otherwise. Do recognize though, a few extra eyes might be watching and a few more burdens might be placed. Despite rise above it all and lead.


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Stay trill, folks.

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