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Chris Sumlin presents 6 Best Resume Tips Using Beyonce Lyrics

Here at Trill or Not Trill one of our main goals is to connect Pop Culture with education. Meet Chris Sumlin a Morehouse student looking to help  people with their resumes. Chris was able to describe tips on writing the perfect resume using Beyonce’s lyrics. Ask yourself this, how Trill is that? Never underestimate the power of a good resume. We hope to have Chris contribute in the future.

3 Reasons Why this is Trill

1. It’s Beyonce
Shout out to the beehive. Any tag line with “Beyoncé” in it is golden. Chris mentioned in his video the point of such a catchy title. He simply didn’t want to get lost in a world of other educational videos with a basic title like,” 6 Resume Tips.” No one would watch it. It worked for me; the intriguing title was my reason for clicking on the video immediately. I guess the beehive is right, Beyoncé is a goddess filled with so much information. Even resume building.

2. Music lyrics are easy to remember
In your early days of education we all learned things like the alphabet by singing a tune. While driving or in the shower, some of us could win a Grammy for our ability to recite every lyric to our favorite tune. Given that Beyoncé has so many popular lyrics that are easy to remember, the next time a song is played, your personal resume might now be on the brain. As humans we don’t process things unless we like it. No one wakes up saying I love resume writing but that same person likely loves some of Beyoncé’s music. Using Beyoncé song partition as tip number 1 had me locked in.

3. Target Market
Beyoncé’s target market aka beehive members are young adults. Generation X and Y are consistently glued to social media. Although glued, a short attention span is part of the viewing and can often lead to missing valuable information. Chris knew to keep the video short, concise with great visuals and music. In creation of viral videos understanding your target market is so key. I also enjoyed the fact Chris wore a Morehouse hoodie to help viewers feel less pressured about such a pertinent subject such as resumes. If Chris wore a suit that would not of matched this fun filled informative video. Check it out and remember Beyoncé is always on beat!

For more on Chris follow him on twitter. @Chrissumlin

Twitter: @chrissumlin


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