What 2 Chainz Can Teach Students About Social Responsibility
Trill or Not Trill?


Born as Tauheed Epps” 2 Chainz” is known for southern slang and loud bass within every song. He even mentioned wanting a big booty (let’s just say young lady) for his birthday a couple years back. But, did you know 2 chainz attended college? Although he didn’t graduate 2 Chainz was a student athlete at Alabama State and I thought to myself 2 Chainz represents our Trill movement (education and pop culture coming together). Ok, back to business let’s mix 2 Chainz with a popular business term “social responsibility”. Social responsibility suggests an entity or individual has the ability to act for the benefit of society at large. Despite his fame, 2 Chainz never lost focus on the keys to social responsibility. Let me explain using some of 2 Chainz’s own terminologies:

“I’m Different”
Lyric: “Got the present for the present and a gift wrapping”2 chainz
Lesson: Rappers like Jay Z and others have been criticized about their lack of empathy for their hometown. Jay-z went on record to defend that his presence is charity within itself. While I do not disagree with Mr. Carter, I just believe 2 Chainz is looking at things from a different angle. 2 Chainz was the main orchestrator behind the dab sweaters which grossed around 2 million dollars. 2 Chainz told Forbes, “We made close to $2 million in revenue”, before noting that a portion of the proceeds also go to charity. “I could not continue receiving those blessings without giving back at the end of the day”. As student leader in college, one should first volunteer within their previous high school. A simple visit explaining pros and cons of college could change a future student’s life forever. Take that dean’s list nomination in stride and go back to bring others with you for years to come.

“Based on a TRU Story”
Lyric: “Tomorrow, Tomorrow Tomorrow, Tomorrow. Ain’t no such thing as tomorrow. The way we living today”2 chainz ig
Lesson: Sometimes as individuals we forget to live in the moment. It’s essential to cherish our accomplishments but give while we can give. 2 Chainz in this social media post shows empathy to his past and remembers the tough days. In return, 2 Chainz’s TRU Foundation gave 11 new homes to families days before their eviction and also donated a vehicle to a family who recently lost valuables in a fire. Money comes and goes but helping others in needs stays. As a club, organization or individual be willing to support others. This does not have to be monetary. Stop telling others you will do it tomorrow which ultimately leads to never. In other words, if your club is thriving with members and doing well look at local needs within the community or campus. Stay TRU to society by not turning your back. I remember in 2015 a homeless family received a donation of a house from Kean University fraternity (Iota Phi Theta). Now that’s trill. Do something today while remembering the tough days in your past life.

“I’m Different”
Lyric: “Pull up to the scene with my ceiling missing”
Lesson: Back in high schools many administrators or parents told us volunteering was very important. It is true that some schools require a minimum amount of community service hours before graduating. In this lyric ceiling missing might reference a convertible but I look at it as an opportunity to explain how volunteering could potentially come with endless opportunity. Habitat for Humanity is a great program in school in which students volunteer to help others but also get to travel. Take your service to the next level.ig tiara

I follow a young lady (Tiara Willis) on Instagram who is a great example of volunteering from Philly all the way to Kenya. This young lady is not only helping different communities but in addition seeing the world. As, students get involved with community work this will help build your character and talking points for your next big interview. When you step foot into that campus or organization remember to pull up to the scene with your ceiling missing and remain open minded to giving back. Put your gifts in the duffle bag and start passing around to the less fortunate.




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