There are soooooo many dope think pieces written about Get Out. This isn’t one of them. We’re here to have some fun with one of the best  movies I’ve seen in a long time. Get Out could certainly relate to our RA friends.






Looking at everyone having fun while you’re stuck on duty

Get Out Movie horror scary thriller maid

When the student who’s hosting the illegal party opens the door.

Get Out Movie horror scary sorry bad

When someone asks you if there were any incidents last night

Get Out Movie reaction horror meme mad

When you realize you’re on duty on Thirsty Thursday

Get Out Movie horror smile no scary

When the Roommate conflict gets a bit out of hand

Get Out Movie horror fight scared scary

When the results of the judicial meeting finally hits the resident

Get Out Movie horror wtf omg scary

When a resident tries to secretly tip you off about an incident

Get Out Movie horror wtf what scary

When an RA tries to be down with the residents that they don’t know

Get Out Movie horror wtf scary thriller

When an RA calls the Hall Director knowing the incident is serious but they try and play it cool.

Get Out Movie horror cool scared scary

When the residents invite you to the party (wink wink)

Get Out Movie horror smile cool scared

When your Hall Director calls you in after they heard you might have went to that party (wink wink)

Cartuna animation horror illustration wtf

Stay Trill and avoid the sunken place!