Many people have expressed that they would be boycotting the NFL. Some of us at Trill or Not Trill are participating in not watching or supporting pro football this year. Let it be known that we are not condemning anyone who is watching this year either. Everyone has their personal belief, but for those of you who will be boycotting, we’ve got a list for you. All 17 weeks of the NFL season have been covered.

Week 1: September 10: Read a book.
Pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read. Below is list of books I’m planning to check out or get started during this NFL Season.
-The Hate You Give by Angie Thomas
-Perennial Seller by Ryan Holiday
-It’s Not the How or the What but The Who by Claudio Fernandez Araoz
-Mind Right, Life Right: Manifesting Dreams Through the Laws of the Universe by Ash Cash
-Lolito by
-The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood
-Disrupting Class by Clayton M Christensen
-Allegedly by Tiffany D. Jackson
-We Were 8 Years in Power by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Week 2: September 17: Hurricane Relief Brunch
Who doesn’t love a good brunch on a Sunday! Get your friends together along with some eggs and bellini’s all while gathering items or raising funds for those who have been affected by Hurricane’s Harvey and Irma. From the Texas to the Florida to the Caribbean so many are feeling it now. Turn up for tragedy. The New York Times recently published an article about how you can help and avoid scams.

Week 3: September 24 : Catch up DVR’d college football games.
There are some big games going this weekend. Use your Saturday for fun or relaxation and DVR these game to watch on Sunday. Get your football fix with some powerful match ups. Miami vs Florida State Clemson v Louisville, Texas vs USC and Florida vs Tennessee are just a few of the teams playing this week.

Week 4: October 1: Binge watch popular shows.
Season 2 of Stranger Things drops on October 31 on Netflix. If you haven’t caught up this is time. I’m currently on watching Season 2 of Narcos and loving it. The new season of This is Us comes out on September 26. I plan to binge the previous seasons and from what’s been said, I should bring my tissues. Also, Curb Your Enthusiasm debuts on October 1st. If you never watched it before find yourself an HBO Go Password and binge before the premiere. Check out a list of some Fall releases. 

Week 5: October 8: Meal prep for the week
Get week started right by eating better and saving money on your meals. Check out these meal plan apps that’ll help you get started.

Week 6: October 15: Take an online course
your students aren’t the only ones who should be learning. Take a course or listen to some webinars that will help you improve as a professional. Check out this link for some free online courses. Some are no longer available but there are some really cool and knowledgeable Ivy League courses on this list.

Week 7: October 22: watch some NBA basketball
I personally can’t wait for the NBA season to begin. This was one exciting off season which should make for one heck of a season.  On this Sunday stars like Russell Westbrook, Karl Anthony Towns, Lonzo Ball, Paul George, Andrew Wiggins will all be in action.

Week 8: October 29: Call a family member or friend that you haven’t talk to in a while

Week 9: November 2: Practice or learn a new instrument
I played the Baritone horn for 8 years then sadly put it away. I’ve decided to pick it back up to the chagrin of my neighbors. Check out this app for an easy way to learn the piano, guitar or bass.

Week 10: November 9: Hit the gym

Week 11: November 16: Build your own personal website –
There are so many reasons why you should consider building your own website. It’s the easiest of processes these days. I built my own in a few hours. Here’s why you should build your own site and below are two of the easiest places to get them built.

Week 12: November 23: Host a meal packing event
I recently participated in a meal packing event and it was some of the most fun I’ve had in recent memory. We packed 10,000 meals. Why not try to stop world hunger on Sunday. Get your event started today.

Week 13: December 3: Listen to a podcast
Everybody Eats
Larry Willmore: Black on the Air
Making Oprah
Josie and the Podcast: Connecting Tech and Leadership in Higher Ed
Johnie & Jeff’s Bag of Tricks (full transperancy this is my non educator but superfun podcast)

Week 14: December 10: Create your 2018 vision board.
Get started now on the planning for the new year right now if you haven’t already started.
Here’s a great link for digital vision boards options

Week 15: December 17: Media free day.
No social media, no phone, just activities that do not involve any media type of media.

Week 16: December 24: Find a child to mentor dedicate Sundays to outings
There are never enough mentors out there. Find a venue or start your own program. 
As a sidenote, don’t only be a mentor, make sure you go find a few yourself to help you grow develop personally and professionally.

Week 17: Revise or update your resume
This is a task that could be done literally every week. Don’t walk into the new year without an updated resume. Looking for some help, hit us up at and we’ll steer you into the right place.

There are so many other great activities. We’d love to hear what you’ll be doing during your boycott.