How Derrick Rose Can Help Transfer Students

Trill or Not Trill?

This summer we witnessed an exciting NBA free agency period filled with big stars finding new homes. The former league MVP Derrick Rose being traded to the New York Knicks was one of those big moves. The trade gave the 8 year NBA veteran a much needed change of scenery from his hometown Chicago Bulls team to the Big Apple.

According to, we find 37.2% of college students transferring at least once within six years. Like NBA free agency, transferring from one university to another is a lengthy process and is becoming more and more common at our colleges and universities. Here are four ways the Derrick Rose trade can help a transfer student.

Reinvent Yourself
Derrick Rose has had a roller coaster ride in the NBA. He won Rookie of the Year honors then was named the league MVP at just 22 years old. Then a series of knee and leg injuries derailed him to only playing 10 games in two NBA seasons. He’s been all over memes poking fun at his ailments.  Like many students that transfer, Derrick Rose has had his fair share of ups and downs.

Being a transfer student allows you to reinvent yourself. Were you the student that went to school,work and home? You can change that at your new school. Were you the student that didn’t meet people? You can change that at your new school. Were you the student that only left your room when the pizza delivery guy called? You can change that at your new school! You do not have to carry any negative baggage to your new institution. If you had a bad reputation as a student, find solace in your transfer.  Transfer students, you have the power of starting fresh and redefining yourself. You can be the next MVP of the school, or you can miss every event for two years (rim shot).



Taking a friend with you!
Transfer students that come from small colleges to big universities might be intimidated or students that transfer from a big university to a small college might feel alone or unmotivated. However the case, going somewhere new is always easier by having a familiar face. In the case of Derrick Rose he will beaccompanied by his ex-Chicago Bull teammate, Joakim Noah. As a transfer student, finding a familiar face or transferring with someone can be helpful. It might be as simple as going to your Transfer Student Orientation and meeting a new face there. You can help each other expand your network, adjust to the new environment, even challenge each other to do better than before.


Find a suitable home
Finding a school that best fits your needs is difficult, and should require some research and
Image result for derrick rose knicks newspaperstime. The best way to identify whether a school is a solid fit for you is to see what type of transfer resources your intended school has to offer. Do they offer transfer orientation? Do they offer transfer advisors? Do they have a highImage result for derrick rose drake transfer graduation rate? If not, that is a strong indicator that the university does not cater to their transfer population. Derrick Rose is definitely being welcomed by New York media. Drake brought out Rose during a concert at Madison Square Garden as well. Find yourself a place that makes you feel special and that you can call home!

Transferring at the right time
Derrick Rose was traded into a promising situation. He arrives to New Yorkon his last year of his Chicago Bulls contract, which gives him flexibility of signing a great deal afterwards or opting for free agency. He has the pieces and the opportunity to resurrect his career. Therefore, transferring is all about taking opportunity of the timing. If transfer students can take anything away from Derrick Rose, it’s to make sure that they are transferring to a university that best FITS. Is the university offering a great deal? Are they taking all your credits or only partial? Too often I hear transfer students say, “They didn’t take all my credits” or “The University is forcing me to retake a class”.  Don’t get locked in taking extra classes that you have already taken, get the best deal you can get!

Live long and prosper, fellow transfers.

Alvert Hernandez is an aspiring student affairs professional, studying Higher Education and Leadership at Montclair State University. Alvert is a proud Cuban and Dominican American and loves arroz con habichuelas y pollo guisado.