What’s This Photo Mean to You?
Trill or Not Trill?


Last week this photo of Barack and Michelle Obama broke my social media. Every possible feed was filled with this great image of the President and the First Lady. The common captions included “relationship goals” and “mood” and “me and bae.” I took the opportunity to ask a group of my student leaders what they thought this photo had to do with leadership in general. I even reached out to a few friends and former students as well. Below are there thoughts.

Your accomplishments are not yours alone. Many people have helped to nurture, encourage, challenge and support you along the way.Just because you are the face doesn’t mean there isn’t a team working just as hard behind you. -Arijean F.

Never give yourself all the credit, acknowledge those around you.
-Cassandra G.

Behind every strong student is a strong advisor -Alvert H

Attitude reflects leadership. A leader knows how to set the tone when walking into a room whether it is to handle business or to just have a good time.
-Claudio A.

Productively I feel immense pride. My first child has only known a black president and first lady. No I don’t have posters up or commemorative plates because I just want her to know it as normal. And not a once in a lifetime thing.
-Tope A.

I think this shows that accomplishment is achieved by great teamwork whether the team includes your family, co workers, peers etc. They are your biggest cheerleader and it also show that behind every successful man is a woman who supports and loves him.
-Aisha R.

Remember you can be cool and be a leader. You can dress fly and be a leader. And as a leader you must know how to be personable and relatable because you will lead all types of personalities. You have to take your job seriously but not yourself.
-Jennifer W.

Being a great leader doesn’t require swag but having confidence in yourself doesn’t hurt one bit. Knowing how to walk the walk, talk the talk and look the look only enhances your excellence.

Stay trill, folks.