All Nooses Matter
Trill or Not Trill?


I woke up this morning to a message from a student leader. It was a picture of what looked to be some nooses hanging on trees. The picture was taken at the University Delaware supposedly not too long after some students held a Black Lives Matter rally on campus. Crazy right?

So here’s the good news; those noose like items hanging from a tree were allegedly not instruments of hate after all.  According to the acting President of the University of Delaware, the noose like items were remnants of paper lanterns from an event previously held on Campus. Thanks to some tips from responsive students and great investigative work, crime solved.  Whew!

I was just about to take back my think piece, where I jump to all the conclusions. All of them. Then I realized it wasn’t all peaches and cream.

Here’s the bad news, everyone thought these noose like items were actually hateful nooses. The police were initially investigating this as a hate crime. The administration released statements condemning this “despicable action.” Fox News was interviewing students about racial tension they were feeling on campus. But wait, I’ve got a little more bad news for you. When anything resembling a noose is seen today, it still conjures up thoughts of hate, murder and racism.  Assumptions were made because nooses still have a disgusting after taste in 2015. I have a few questions, that will hopefully be answered throughout this whole ordeal. That will totally help me understand WTF is going on.

If I say All Lives Matter as a response to Black Lives Matter, did you know that these were lantern hanging devices?
Inclusivity is an essential part of understanding leadership and is a key part of development. Not being able to recognize that inserting an overarching idea when only one specific group is discussing their pain is demeaning. But I guess, all nooses matter, even the ones that look like lantern hanging devices or ones that are boy scout merit badge projects or ones that were once used to hang thousands of innocent black people.

Does Richard Sherman condemn those angry at hateful nooses because the the nooses weren’t black?
The NFL star recently made a point about black on black crime to dissuade Black Lives Matter. Noose on Noose incidents as well as lantern on lantern issues need to be addressed today as well (unless they’re green lanterns, of course). This is another reason why Black Lives Matter as a movement is important. When I saw those noose like items, I’m not thinking lanterns, I see lynching. There are issues that still need addressing. Also,don’t let the liquor fool you or the media into believing that black on black crime isn’t just being addressed or that black on black crime is really just crime. It’s just like the abundance of white crime in predominantly white neighborhoods or Latinos killing Latinos in their neighborhoods.

Who removed the lanterns from where they once swayed?
When they removed the lanterns, did they not think man these ropes sure look like nooses. Lets say the lanterns removed themselves, did no other black kid or any student for that matter, think damn these lantern hanging devices look like nooses. It wasn’t until a Black Lives Matter rally that folks saw these things?

Is there a picture of these lanterns?
I’m not saying, it’s not a believeable premise. I’m just interested in seeing what these lanterns look like. Particularly, because I don’t ever want to purchase them for my campus. Nobody wants lanterns that come with noose remnants.

Why didn’t maintenance cut down the noose like items once the previous event was over?
It took people thinking they were actual nooses to get removed. Instead of blaming potential racists,maybe we need to look at housekeeping. Moreover, whose event was this and why didn’t they clean up after themselves?

Look at this world we live in. A person can’t even hang a lantern for an event and leave the remnants hanging around by accident. That’s a world I can’t stand to live in.

All nooses matter.



Stay trill, folks.