Become the Luke Cage Of Your Community
Trill or Not Trill?

(Slight Spoilers ahead)
Luke Cage came out during a time when racial tension is high in America. Everywhere you turn video after video, African Americans are being shot or harmed by police. The latest at the time was in September, with the release of the Terrance Crutcher video which left many upset and fed up.  Then, Netflix sent me a show suggestion, “Luke Cage.” My first reaction was skepticism having no prior knowledge of this Marvel character.  My skepticism soon turned into an absolute binge. I devoured episode after episode. Marvel finally painted an image to enjoy, a black man in a hoodie as a super hero. The media has provided such a negative perception of black men in hoodies, but Luke Cage showed us why a bullet-ridden super hero is so important.  

Fast forward, I have completed the first season. It has lead me to realize that Luke Cages are needed to join the ranks of the current and future college/university graduates.  So many of our graduates are returning to negative and unsafe communities, but our students are now equipped with the super powers (knowledge and leadership skills) that are needed to help their communities. Harlem needed Luke Cage and your community needs you. Let me explain…  

Don’t forget home –  Luke Cage is back in his hometown, Harlem literally saving the world. Luke has fought against corruption amongst criminals and politicians to save the city he grew up in as a child.  

Image result for luke cage harlemMy mother once told me, when you earn your degree, don’t ever forget where you came from.  At first, it seemed so cliché, but she couldn’t have been more right. After graduation, I began in a corporate position and hated it. Not only was it not my passion, but the gifts that I nurtured in college were being suppressed.  After three years, I decided to take a job in higher education which changed my life forever. Five years later my gifts have helped me work with over 100 schools and colleges creating and preparing more leaders for this world.

As students, I urge you to please eliminate the “I can’t wait to leave my neighborhood or the hood” mindset. Let’s take our new leadership qualities, academic knowledge and gifts to make changes in our communities.  It is time to help others in the town attend college, feed or provide for the less fortunate and more.  You can even take it to the next step for the Student Government leaders let’s take a look in local politics.  

Gain a super power – Luke Cage is a hero for hire with great strength. If you want to find luke cage netflix marvelsome of the toughest individuals in the world, go to a college campus. The best thing about college is students begin to acknowledge themselves as individuals. As student leaders it is time to tap into your strengths and weaknesses. Once an individual is secure and understands their strength they are unstoppable. Just like Luke Cage you can become a value to your community and beyond. Opportunity will literally fall into your lap.

More Action Less Talk In the show, Luke is a man of few words. Coffee? Lol just kidding, NETFLIX luke cage mike colter marvelbut Luke gets straight to the point with women and men. Fighting scenes fared way better than a conversation with Luke. As a graduate, it’s time to put that degree to work and stop wasting time. My Trill or Not Trill partner said it best, “Find your gift. Define it. Be great at that gift. Use it and share it. Success will follow. Your community needs you.”  No one needs someone boasting about their degree but is not currently using it to their advantage. We need less talk and more action when it comes to community work. If you feel powerful, it is time to not only show with actions, but motivate others to meet you where you currently stand. There is nothing worse than going home with a degree that is not being put to use.

Family Good or Bad Around episode 6 a new villain arises by the name of Stryker aka Image result for luke cage strykerDiamondback. Stryker happens to be the evil half-brother of Luke Cage willing to do anything to destroy and kill him. Believe it or not family can be your worse enemy. You are now a graduate, people will ask for money and even claim what you used to be!  It’s time to do the following formula, “multiply your value, divide your circle, add accomplishments and subtract the fake!”  It is so important to leave college while securing your gifts, goals and personality if not people will sabotage your ability. Watch for those family members with hidden agendas they are waiting to prey on your success. Don’t let blood disguise the hate! 

Today, we have numerous Super heroes  all over Netflix and movie screens but it is now time to bring them to life in our institutions.  Let’s all become change agents!



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