Trill or Not Trill?“The Get Down” is an incredible Netflix series that depicts the cultural, political and musical dynamic of the 1970s in the Bronx. While most of the characters are indeed fictional, they represent the people who had an

How A-Rod’s Career Can Influence  A Student Leader Trill or Not Trill? Well it wasn’t quite “Jeterian,” but the long, side-winding, mostly successful baseball career of Alex Rodriguez has seemingly come to an end. If you recall, earlier this year

A Seat at Table Programming Trill or Not Trill? The Sky isn’t The Limit for Some of Us… Description: Solange Knowles’ album A Seat At The Table provides a unique and in depth look at blackness, womanhood, and emotion. We hear the emotions

Sustaining Greatness Lessons Learned through LSU Football Trill or Not Trill?   LSU is a dominant college football program. Currently, Les miles is the head football coach for the LSU Tigers. He has amassed 110 wins and only 32 loses

How Derrick Rose Can Help Transfer Students Trill or Not Trill? This summer we witnessed an exciting NBA free agency period filled with big stars finding new homes. The former league MVP Derrick Rose being traded to the New York

Tupac Shakur’s Lyrical Icebreakers Trill or Not Trill?   Tupac Shakur’s birthday recently passed and on that day the first trailer for Tupac biopic was released. Shakur is a legendary figure and some his lyrics are among some of the

Pick Your Gold Medal Staff Without Interviews Trill or Not Trill?I have been tampering with the idea of traditional selection processes. In hiring and selecting student leadership positions (Resident Assistants, Orientation Leaders, Peer Mentor etc) we often go with old faithful. Reach

Kanye West & The Art of the Impromptu Speech Trill or Not Trill?When MTV announced that Kanye West was receiving the Video Vanguard Award, I just knew we were in for one heck of a speech. As a student leader

HOUSE TARGARYEN SCHOOL OF LEADERSHIP Trill or Not Trill?Some Spoilers AheadWell, talk about making an entrance…or exit. The latest episode of Game of Thrones had yet another epic Daenerys Targaryen moment. I won’t get into too many details with respect

Keeping Kevin Durant The College Retention Plan Trill or Not Trill? 1. Paying for college Every year I run into bright students who end up leaving school students because they couldn’t afford the tuition anymore. Finances are a key component to

Tis the Season: What the Election Primaries can Teach you about your Student Government Campaign Trill or Not Trill?Ladies and gentlemen, if you have not noticed: we are in the age of social media. Any mistake, misstep or misguided move

What Target’s Philosophy Can Teach you About Planning Great Events Trill or Not Trill?It’s the absolute definition of what’s “pop” in the retail world- it’s the bullseye logo that can be seen from miles away, or that overwhelming feeling of

If Fidel Castro was a Student Leader of Mine Trill or Not Trill?As a college student, I was a bit of a rabble rouser. Protests were the norm and questioning the system in place was a regular occurrence. Nothing the

Become the Prince of your campus Trill or Not Trill? It was a sad day for the world of music losing the phenomenal musician, singer/songwriter, colorful and talented Prince. We could find his influence in almost any current day artist in

The Get Down Icebreakers and Programs Trill or Not Trill?The Get Down is one Netflix’s newest shows. It’s a colorful experience that takes a look the early days of hip hop. The culture serves as the main character and backdrop

Which Kobe Are You?

Which Kobe Are You? Kobe Bryant Leadership Types Trill or Not Trill?Kobe Bryant will go down as one of the greatest basketball players of all time. From jersey changes to personality reincarnations, we’ve seen many variants to the personality of

Programs Formulated From Formation Trill or Not Trill?  As a student affairs professional we always find ourselves in a position to create programs or icebreakers for various events or training sessions. Resident Assistants and Orientation Leaders are constantly looking for

Who Would You Hire? A Different World Edition Trill or Not Trill?   There haven’t been many television shows set on a college campus as influential as A Different World. If you ask certain folks, this guy included, this show was the

Who Would You Hire- Marvel Edition Trill or Not Trill? As a student affairs professional with 10 years in the game, I’ve interviewed hundreds of students. From potential orientation leaders to resident assistants to peer mentors, I have certainly seen it

Lemonade Meets the Social Change Model Trill or Not Trill? The Social Change Model of Leadership Development has been around through different variations since about 1994. It has been used by multiple universities, leadership conferences and more. A key aspect

Willy Wonka and His Student Leaders Trill or Not Trill? As many of us mourn the loss of our sweet, sarcastic, and a bit sadistic childhood friend Willy Wonka, played by Gene Wilder; I cannot help but think about how

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