Bold & Beautiful:
5 Confidence Lessons We Can Learn From Jada Pinkett Smith

Trill or Not Trill?

img_7495As the Oscars approach this week, let’s revisit a dialogue and video posted by Jada Pinkett Smith, a few weeks. It takes a lot of guts to do what she did.

As long as I’ve been following Jada’s life and career, I’ve never witnessed this bold and beautiful woman back down from an opportunity to speak up and speak out. She undeniably possesses a fierce confidence and continues to dazzle us with #blackgirlmagic moments. When she’s not protesting against Human Trafficking, she’s offering her opinion on political issues. When she’s not spending time with her family, she’s embracing those she doesn’t even know . The most admirable quality about her is that she stands for something – which is not much we can say about many people.

Everyone wants a movement but nobody wants to actually move.
While most celebrities are using their platform to flaunt microwaveable relationships or their over-indulgent lifestyle, Jada understands the term ‘normal gets you nowhere’ and pivots away from the crowd. Most recently lending a voice to entertainers of color and in-directly starting the now-popular #Oscarwhite hashtag, there must be something to take away from such confidence and poise.
Here are 5 lessons we can learn from Jada-Pinkett Smith

1. Find your balance
In a world of #hashtag moments and selfies, some may find it difficult to deviate from what is comfortable. But social media is a digital space where rules are made to be broke. You can influence your community and or an entire generation by simply sharing valuable content or joining a critical conversation. Lead by example. Add substance to your online presence. Sometimes the right thing is not always the cool thing to do, but leaders take that first step even if it means stepping out alone.

2. Practice what you preach
People can see through inconsistency. If you are going to stand for something, make it a daily habit. Don’t just join an interest group, an alumni association; become an active member. Take some initiative behind your speech and start a school club. The first step is the beginning of many. Ask friends to stand with you and support your ideas.

3. Seize the moment
If Jada were to have said something after the Oscars, I highly doubt it would’ve had as big of an impact. Strike the iron while it’s hot. Speak on the subject matter while it is trending. Even if you are not the one who started the conversation, you still have the opportunity to be a part of it. It’s important that you know you’re important. Your voice matters.

4. Never apologize for your growth
The truth is; some people will not support your dreams or the life you lead and that’s okay. With or without them you are still amazing. Start creating your own happiness. To have a better understanding of who you are, where you want to go and how to get there you have to start by being honest with yourself. If you never act on an idea or thought, then you will never know your true potential.

5. Know your worth
Both the Smith family and Spike Lee are boycotting the Oscars. Whether anyone else follows or not, they are sticking to their decision. I love witnessing someone fight so passionately for the things they love. Trust that as you step, something will be there to support you. Set the trend don’t follow it. The most successful people in life decide what they want and commit.


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