National Conference on Student Leadership

Introduced opportunities for students to enhance their careers. Invited professionals from Citibank, Microsoft, Google, Twitter, Buzzfeed, Morgan Stanley, Equinox and more. Raised the bar on engagement by including our resident DJ, changes in keynote speech length and format, inclusion of student speakers, inclusion of leadership themed activations. Increase the number of diverse speakers (race, gender and identity) by 90 percent

Georgia Aquarium

In partnership with Create Labs, our team built a new platform for virtual learning. The team designed an e-learning platform for the Georgia Aquarium that contains remote learning modules and virtual aquarium exhibits. The platform allows for multiple content providers/instructors while being branded and designed as a digital extension of the Aquarium.


National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS)

From instruction to presentation, Trill Or Not Trill developed a curriculum fit for Gen Z. Our research in culturally responsive modes of learning led to creating a more interactive space and inclusion of pop culture within the learning modules. Working with NSLS we created new on camera content to help lead students and keep them engaged through the program

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Syracuse University

Trill Or Not Trill curated a two day training for both staff and students. Presentations included topics such as Allyship, Decolonization, Bias and Inclusion, Coalition Building and more. Additionally, Trill Or Not Trill developed a comprehensive resource E-guide, including over 100 resources, activities, dialogue prompts, poems and more for all participants to keep.

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