Deconstructing Ratchet: Future’s Trap Ni**as
Trill or Not Trill?

Ratchet culture and Trap music comes with much baggage. It’s the gaudy multicolored Gucci duffle bag type of baggage.  My latest book Deconstructing Ratchet, poetically investigated the good, bad and ugly  of said cultural tropes. I’m a believer that with every negative comes some semblance of positive. With that said, I’ve deconstructed the first verse and hook of Future’s hit song, “Trap Niggas” from his album 56 Nights.There are now positive affirmations included, so that whenever you hear that song instead of twerkin and trappin there will be thinking.  It’s a different take that should hopefully refresh those ratchet palates of yours.

Times getting hard but a nigga still gettin’ it (Never give up. Even in the most difficult of times you should be a go getter.)
Young rich niggas, in this motherfucker (Listen to the youth, they have rich aspirations of the future. Pun totally intended.)

When you wake up before you brush your teeth / You grab your strap, nigga (Start your day being prepared to make moves. You never know who’s hiding beneath the bed or in the bathroom. Be cautious but more importantly be ready.)
Only time you get down on your knees / Shooting craps, nigga (Your knees are usually the first to go with old age, so take care of them.  If you do get on your knees remember that life is a tricky game. Like craps, don’t be afraid to roll the dice.)
Fuck what you heard, God blessin’ all the trap niggas  /God blessin’ all the trap niggas (Naysayers will whisper doubt to you at any moments notice. Have faith in something and you will stay blessed.)

[1st Verse]
Weighed 1008 grams on the square (The best way to understand the conversion of grams to ounces or the metric system is to travel. Take trips to truly know the world)

I got a lower case T across my chest (You might be trill, but make sure you stay trill with a lowercase “t.” Humility is key. We can live life as capital letters but the lowercase mentality will keep us grounded.)

Your crack house doin’ numbers then you blessed. (Men Lie. Women Lie. Numbers don’t. Be grateful for results. Also, Crack kills. Just say no. Like seriously, don’t use that shit.)

You move your momma to a crib from the ‘jects. (Always take care of your family. The ones who were there for your failures should certainly be a part of your success.)

It’s so much alcohol and kush on my breath (be careful of excess. Certain aspects of life require moderation. Sometimes it’s best to sip slowly.)

We prayin’ five times a day to catch a plug (All praises due.)

A few bean pies stashed in the trunk (I just learned that bean pies are slang for a bag of drugs. Not today. This line represents the importance of having a stable meal ready at all times. Not many pies are more reliable than the bean variety. I hate bean pies by the way, but that’s not the point here.) 

Shoot dice all day and sell dust (Again roll that dice on life. If you buy into yourself you’ll be able to sell anything to anyone. That includes water to whales and dust to dirty people or something like that)

You loaded up, they talkin’ shit, you gone bust (Don’t let detractors derail you from your destination. They want you to bust but remember this is not the time to bust.)

Told yourself a million times, you don’t give a fuck (You’ve always believed in being positive. Haters gonna hate. Lovers let you live. Give zero fucks about the opposition)

Sold over a million dimes, hangin’ in the cut /Sold over a million dimes, I don’t give a fuck (Don’t ever be too satisfied with success. Even though you might have sold million, you could always sell more. There are always more races to win.)
What? (Never be afraid to ask questions)

And there we have it. What aspect of ratchet culture or trap song should we deconstruct next?



jeff trill

Stay Trill, folks.