Don’t Run your Club or Organization like the 49ers
Trill or Not Trill?



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This is such a painful article to write as a diehard 49ers supporter. In the words of a drunk fan in the upper deck section “we stink”. If things didn’t get worst we benched our high paid quarterback. Granted our back up won last Sunday, but it still hurts. I can’t believe it was February 2013 and I was 5 yards away from calling my team the Super Bowl champs. To no avail; They broke my heart again. The last time the Niners won a championship I was 8 years old. There were some great years and not so great years and of course TO (Yes that guy). Then came John Harbaugh.  A big time ex-NFL and college coach with an edge. Harbaugh won 44 regular-season games in his four years with the 49ers. He also was able to reel off five playoff games which was then more than every season combined from season 2000 on. In addition, he developed two quarterbacks and by mid-season 2012 had a potential stud in Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick a young man that’s faster than most RB and WRs was dominating the game with his killer legs and arm. Fast forward again to this season 2015 the 49ers starting QB is no other than Blaine Gabbert.  A first round draft pick with an exciting record of 5-22(insert sarcasm).  I don’t have the power to fix my favorite team but we can learn a lot from the experience speaking in terms of Campus Clubs and Organizations.  Here are some tips:

All Business Never Personal
I always tell people it’s never personal, only business.  Many talks around the 49ers organization have pointed fingers at the bitter rivalry between Jim Harbaugh and the general manager Trent Baalke. These individuals have both been described as Type A Personalities and absolute maniacs.  Each man were popular with different groups within the team which caused a division throughout the organization.  Winning solves everything but the 49ers fell short of the super bowl 3 straight years.  Losing causes all problems players began taking sides and pointing fingers.  For Jim and yourself sometimes your position within your members can determine your fate.  If you are a member not on E-board or even a President might have to make a decision.  This decision can cause your fate within the group.

“Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News reported that the only way Harbaugh could have saved his job was if he won the Super Bowl this year(2014). Here’s how Kawakami described the dynamic between Harbaugh and Baalke: Neither man is in this to make friends — but Baalke is a much smoother political player than you’d expect and he has moved into total control of the 49ers operation as Harbaugh’s relationship with York faltered. So Baalke and Harbaugh have had many tussles and Baalke and York have gotten weary of the tussling.”

In business one must know their role and respect the team’s mission.  Here Jim did not realize the politics behind the organization which was extremely risky. Before joining the club make sure you understand your personal strengths, the politics, the benefits of membership and how can you assist in the overall goal.

Trust your Members
Harbaugh was known to fall in and out of love with players week by week.  This chaos didn’t work with all players and by year 4 created disconnect among team Jim+Harbaugh+Colin+Kaepernick+Super+Bowl+XLVII+L0HmcDKVP1zlmembers.  As a president or executive board member of a club or organization communication is key.  Make sure your VP, Secretary or members can run the organization at any time even and especially in your absence.  If you’re not pleased with their performance have a 1 on 1 conversation with the individual.  The individual may not know your displeasure in their performance and one conversation can change that.  Try to find time to meet with as many members individuallly and hash your expectations and goals.  If you’re a member not in any position of leadership, please speak personally to your president about concerns.  Do not let friction or displeasure of a teammate ruin the moral of the club.  Sharing, gossiping and a subtweet/post are not the best option to attack displeasure of a fellow club member.


Get em Jim!

Build Future Membership
When the 49ers got rid of Coach Harbaugh and lost over 20 players this offseason, the backups were nowhere to be found.  Speaking of replacements, just watch this disastrous interview of the new head coach of the 49ers’ coach Jim Tomsula. After watching this interview  Jim Harbarugh’s successor seems a bit unprepared.  The worst thing to see is a club fall after members graduate. Always prepare for the future. Think about the vision of a university; they always have a 5-10 year vision for growth. You should do the same. Execute a plan for the group to flourish now and later.  Some examples are to branch out to the community leaders and local high school. Raise your group like a business or corporation branding is key. Let’s not forget to raise money for your organization. Think bigger than a bake sale. Reach out to alumni, corporations, departments and professors you never know who wants to see you succeed.

You can only go as far as your Front Line
According to ESPN, “The faulty play of the line — particularly at center, right guard and right tackle — has allowed defenses to put tremendous pressure on Kaepernick and smother the offense. ESPN Stats & Information noted, going into this past weekend, which the 49ers owned three of the five worst team offensive performances this season in the NFL. In fewest yards produced in offense, the 49ers’ 142 vs. the Seahawks were the worst. But 156 vs. the Cardinals was No. 3 and the 196 vs. the Packers was No. 5.”

This is a basic thing to see in football no offensive line or protection will lead to losing100212-Line-Header. It’s the same for your group, you must establish your front line. In this case the front line will be the president and other leadership position delegates and those appointed and elected. If you are on this front line you face a lot of pressure and a lot of information blitzing your way(no pun intended). Your image on campus, social media and class will reflect your club. Don’t be the turn up king/queen but want respect from student affairs official. You are now held at higher regards know when to code switch(adapt to every environment) Understand a dap is cool amongst members but the provost gets a firm handshake in your best garments and respect. Go to all student government meetings and open senate meetings to show a presence. Again your front line is everything.

This article was written in memory of the 49ers 2015 NFL season.  Let’s all bow our heads.




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