hell WE talmbout tho?
Trill or Not Trill?

I know all the words of way too many songs by Future. 4 hours after Drake dropped “Back to Back”, I was spitting all of the relevant punchlines. Whether it’s his tour or his girl’s tour remains a mystery. My students do the whip and nae nae better than most and I fully support it without ever attempting, of course. Knowledge of these types of records isn’t a problem. Paying attention to rapper beef is entertaining. The beef that white supremacy has waged against the black community is less entertaining but much more important. And you know what? It’s ok to exist in both worlds.

Ratchet resonates but so should revolution. The moment I heard Wondaland’s “Hell You Talmbout?” it immediately struck a chord. The joint was on repeat. It was engrossing and necessary.

I once thought, Drake should drop a record about the movement. Where is Rihanna’s song about police brutality? There isn’t a need to search for their efforts because there’s one right here. Kendrick’s “Alright” has had it’s hook used in protests recently. Artists like Tef Poe and Jasiri X are making some revolutionary heat. I am sure that “Hell You Talmbout” will be next to hit the frontlines. It will take more than music to change our circumstances but the soundtrack has a new addition

If you’ll say Quentin Miller’s name. Say Freddie Gray’s name too.
If you know that Future has an issue with Russell Wilson but you must also know the issues that surrounded Aiyana Jones’ death.
If you listened to AR AB’s diss song to Meek and then you need to have watched the tape of Eric Garner being murdered.

We can do both. We need to do both.
What will it take for this song to go viral? Calling out all those talented meme makers. Share this amazing fucking record!

Walter Scott
Jerame Reid
Phillip White
Eric Garner
Trayvon Martin
Sean Bell
Freddie Gray
Aiyana Jones
Sandra Bland
Kimani Gray
John Crawford
Michael Brown
Miriam Carey
Sharonda Singleton
Emmett Till
Tommy Yancy
Jordan Baker
Amadou Diallo
#saytheirnames #HYTB #BlackLivesMatter


jeff trill

Stay Trill, folks.