Kim & Amber. Two Filters. 6 Leadership Lessons
Trill or Not Trill


So we saw Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose took to social media last night with an attempt to break it. 1.1 million likes later the world is going crazy over this Selfie. Confused? So are we. With that said, this piece will be tackled by both Professor Williams and MrJeffDess. Trill or Not Trill had to call in the big guns. With that said here are some leadership lessons we could learn from a simple selfie with a boatload of likes

Short Captions:
Sometimes even I  get caught up in long drawn out captions. We sometimes forget that Instagram was supposed to be a digital scrapbook. A long caption can take awaykendrick obama from the beauty of the image. Let others draw stories about your picture. It’s amazing how many stories are created from this selfie which were two posts with a combined three words.  Keep the people on their toes. Who knows where imaginations can go. As a student leader take a picture with that guest speaker, a large event or new meeting keep the world guessing with a short caption it keeps people wondering. Look at this Kendrick Lamar X Obama example to the right. -PW

Not all conflict is bad.
Sometimes growth requires hurdles. There are grumblings that Kim had been looking to bury the hatchet with Amber Rose for some time now. Perhaps this was the conflict the opened the door. Look at tumultuous times as opportunities to great positive outcomes. We might never know what those two women spoke about. As the negativity was being spewed in every direction, they looked at this the perfect time to hash things out. Had Kanye realized that Wiz Khalifa was talking about weed and not Kim Kardashian maybe this selfie wouldn’t have happened. Thanks Kanye. –MJD

Timing is everything:
Another old fashion marketing lesson is that bad publicity is good publicity. As a socialite, brand, leader being in the limelight is inevitable and you must stand in the forefront. Amber and Kim have been in headlines for numerous things before this selfie. Both kermitladies arguably might have two different fan bases but over 1.1 million people pressed like and the news is bubbling. If you see an individual or group that can form a synergy with your movement simply reach out. Make sure to not come empty handed. Make sure they can benefit as well. I can imagine Kim fans hated Amber last week for her Kanye comments may they think different after this simply selfie. How times have changed. Tea anyone? -PW

Control the Narrative.
People can call it fake and social media will say the photo is staged. If this photo is kim selfieaccurate, it represents a way that Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose took back control of the narrative. If you are dealing with a rival or someone you don’t get along with, outsiders will somehow find a way into the business. Their words can easily instigate and raise the stakes to a dangerous place. Social media took sides dragging Kim into the mud or shaming Amber Rose. They took the reins and decided to take back the power. -MJD

Don’t burn bridges.
When you are in a position of power or looking to gain aamber stronger network tread lightly. My momma always said pick your battles wisely. In the case of  Kim and Amber, two powerful social media legends saw the power of coming together. A beef or burning bridge could hurt both careers later in life especially with money and fame involved. Obviously it was a simple misunderstanding between two men that led to this weird dynamic. As a leader sometimes a negative interaction can lead to more opportunity. Before shaming someone in public or social media please settle the issue privately first and foremost.-PW

Social Media isn’t life
It is so easy to get caught up in our phones. I just snapchatted to say I love you. Extra-long paragraph sized text messages to figure out why we you didn’t are happening kim texttineverywhere. Although they used social media to show off their peace accord; the bigger part was that they did it in person. These women have everything from twitter fingers to multiple assistants. They could have easily used those outlets to squash any supposed beef. Instead they met face to face. Social Media and texting can get so misconstrued. Sarcasm can’t be determined via text. Social media belongs to us all; so forget your privacy. Meet conflict head on. Sitting across from someone will create more opportunities for development than the random DM. MRJD

Stay Trill and Till Next Time
Professor Williams & MrJeffDess

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