So, Drake (aka my future husband) finally dropped his playlist! Hey, a girl can only dream, but anyways back to the point… Fans have eagerly awaited the release ever since he announced a new project titled, “More Life” on his thirtieth birthday. More Life” encompasses the usual somber songs that put you in your feelings, along with classic upbeat verses. The playlist incorporates the notion that people are forgetting what it means to live a fulfilling life. In the editor’s notes Drake urges his fans to live “more life,” spend time with the people who matter, and to not take anything for granted because one day it could all be taken away. With that said, here’s some takeaways from “More life” on living a better life in college.
“I’ve been down so long it look like up to me, They look up to me, I got fake people showin’ fake love to me”
As a college student, there are so many changes taking place in one’s life. The friends you had in high school don’t reach out anymore, people you thought you knew changed, and your life changes as well. When it does you’re going to have certain people who want to rain on your parade. That’s why its key to weed out the people that aren’t good for you. When people are happy for you, jealousy subsides. Oh, and another thing…don’t be that person either. When something great happens to your friend don’t show them “fake love.” Be genuinely happy for them and know that sooner or later your time will come. Not to say that it sucks being the person who doesn’t have THAT internship, or who hasn’t heard back from an employer. Because I get it, it does. But the right things always come at the right time. Trust that you’re making all the right moves! Focus on yourself and YOUR life. Because let’s face it, life is too short to keep comparing yourself to everyone else.
“It’s a marathon, not a sprint, but I still gotta win the race, yeah…And I’m convinced
I made sacrifices, I been ballin’ ever since”
Living a great and happy life is all about progressing. Becoming better, happier, healthier, and developing into the person you want to be. Keep in mind what Drake said, “it’s a marathon, not a sprint.” You can only get better at something over time. And becoming better at certain things, takes major sacrifices. On those nights when all your friends are headed out to the bars and your stuck writing a paper, trust that the work you’re putting in will be worth it. Right now more than ever, society is so wrapped up in trying to live other people’s lives. We wish we had what others have. And everything we see on social media somehow becomes a manuscript on how one should live their life. But that isn’t the case. Why spend so much time trying to be someone you’re not or comparing yourself to others when you could spend all that time focusing on being the best person you can be. And taking your time and staying focused doesn’t mean you can’t win. Because who doesn’t love winning. But make sure that you’re winning for yourself and no one else.
“Want a lot, can’t have everything
But I want everything”
Remember when you were little and your mom would take you into a store and say, “okay, pick out one thing you want.”You would look at her sideways because you expected everything and more. Well now more than ever as a college student you’re probably learning that you don’t get everything you want or deserve. Like when you get a paper back that you spent all night on and the professor has marked ALL OVER IT. Or when you study way in advance and still barely receive a B on an exam. Oh and this is my favorite. When you study ten times harder than your friend but they still get a higher grade than you… I know, I know. It sucks. In college one really learns that hard work doesn’t always pay off; and that’s okay. As long as you are striving to be the best individual you can, that’s all that counts. Don’t sweat the small stuff and keep moving.
“Watch out for me, I’m bound to glow
You better watch out for me, I’m bound to glow”
So if you’re reading this, you’re bound to be a trill individual. Thus, doing grand things, striving to be the best, and living your best life is probably something that isn’t out of the ordinary. But if I can give any advice it would be that whenever you’re “bound to glow” keep it on the low. Think about it. You know that one person who’s constantly bragging about doing something and it never seems to come together…? Exactly. We all know that one person. Don’t be that person. Make sure to secure your dreams and have them on lock before you confide in people. Now that doesn’t mean you can’t be confident in yourself. There’s a difference between being cocky and confident. And confidence is having self-assurance and believing in yourself. So, be confident! Stay focused, work hard, and trust me, you’re bound to glow.
Well guys, that’s all I have. Trust me I could analyze this entire playlist because there is so much good material! But as we know, I’m a college student, and its midterms week. But I’ll leave you with this. Drake (aka my husband) is right. Now and days we spend so much time with our faces in screens that we forget to look up at the world around us. And I know I sound like your parents right now, but it’s true. Don’t miss out on the good stuff. Really LIVE your life and cherish it, because you never know what’s around the corner. But most of all, enjoy college! You only get four years and then you’re headed to the big leagues. So keep being you! And most importantly, stay trill.

Bailey Synclaire is a vibrant college student studying journalism at the University of Missouri Columbia. Born and raised in St.Louis MO, she’s passionate about journalism, pop-culture, Instagram, family, and most importantly, the St.Louis Cardinals. With only one year of college under her belt she’s looking forward to the future.