New Year. No More Bat Signals
Trill or Not Trill?

Let me start by saying, Happy New Year’s Day to you! Here’s to bettering ourselves always…

I had a funny realization about resolutions, coming from all places, comic book culture.

Riddle me this, what indelible iconic image inspires equal parts awe from 10 year olds, and terror from fictional criminals?

The bat signal!

Our wonderful beacon of hope is beloved by all because bat signals makes life easy, so we think. You know the drill, we see danger, flash the signal, and wait for our
caped hero to swoop in and save the day.

Dig deeper and you’ll find a dangerous message for goal achievement, wait for the hero.

We’ve been taught that resolutions, like bat signals, are moments we should wait for, before leaping into heroic effort.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before:
I’ll start going to the gym after New Year’s Day
This is the semester I’m going to focus on a 4.0
When I’m married I’ll be faithful
I’ll wait until my 30th birthday to start saving.

Our cultural signal of hope, the bat symbol, took a bath in acid, and became a national Image result for bat signal gifsymbol of procrastination. Birthdays, New years, and relationship titles have evolved into socially acceptable reasons to wait to start living. I’ve done this in my own life, wanting desperately for things to change with my finances, with my art, to become more consistent, but I’m always waiting for some moment or signal to take action.

Want to know the punch line?

Batman doesn’t even wait for the signal. When the light is not shining, he’s in a cave, looking over boring details, solving mysteries. He is always a hero.
Even in the darkness.

For a long time I did not trust my own light. I was waiting for someone to tell me it was ok. I wanted validation. I’m tired of waiting. For the last 37 days I have worked out every single day, and tracked every expense in my phone to get spending
under control, well before the socially acceptable starting date of January 1st.

Speaking of punchlines, I saw a meme that said that a new year’s resolution is a to do list for the first week of January.

Ignore the Bat Signal called January 1st.

What heroic action can you take today? And beyond January!

Want a better business? Brainstorm 3 potential customers to reach out to right now.
Want a better relationship? Hide a genuine romantic note in your hand writing in your partner’s coat pocket, regardless if you have a title or not.
Want to be more giving? Donate $5 to your favorite cause today and set up a plan to support them all year.
Want to be a mentor? Go to the Big Brother Big Sister’s Website and send someone an email about signing up right now.Image result for funny new year resolution memes

Stop shining that Bat Signal. Stop waiting for the light to shine. Get to the cave, get out and do the work!

Happy New Year!

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