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Game of Thrones Icebreakers
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Ladies and gentlemen of the realm…raise thy hands if they are fans of Game of Thrones. Over 10 million people tuned in to see the first episode of season 6. I was introduced to the show back in Season 2 and quickly became hopelessly addicted.

Orientation is coming (see what I did there), and in honor of our new GoT season I bid thee to read on and feel free to use these game of thrones inspired ice breakers. One caveat: Some may require explaining and more knowledge of the TV show than others.

1) Who Am I
GoT KNOWLEDGE: BASIC.http://37.media.tumblr.com/02b36a8ebe1e752a416ba4a527ff1abd/tumblr_ms3ns3yWel1qcigjto3_250.gif
This is a simple introduction ice breaker and a twist on the usual circle of name and interest introductions. Have everyone stand in a circle and introduce themselves as if they were introducing themselves in Westeros. Format: I am [first name] of house [last name], queen or king of [insert hometown].

Scott House of Siegel King of The Bronx

2) Create your own house sigil.
GoT KNOWLEDGE: BASIC.game of thrones sigil
You’ll need papers, scissors, markers/crayons and any other arts & craft supplies you may want to give. This ice breaker is great for groups with some extended time. Every family in the Game of Thrones universe has a house sigil that represents their culture/theme (think dyre wolf for the Starks or Lions for the Lannisters). Have your students create their own sigil based off of what’s important to them or their family. Have everyone share afterwards.

3) Claim the throne.
GoT KNOWLEDGE: BASIC.tv movies television game of thrones hbo
Everyone in Westereos wants the Iron Throne. Go around in circles and have everyone talk about their passion in life and why it is important to the person that they are or who they want to become. Where would their throne be located and why?

4) Across the Narrow Sea.
GoT KNOWLEDGE: BASIC.game of thrones cool got wow omg
Many of the Game of Thrones characters have been on series-long adventures (All of the Starks, Danerys, etc.). Different places have taught them life lessons and left impact on them. Have students volunteer to speak about the places they have traveled (near or far), their means of travel (i.e. Dragon) and how it impacted them. Students may find common interests or places they have traveled!

5) Keeping up with the Starks.
GoT KNOWLEDGE: MODERATE- WILL REQUIRE BACKSTORY.game of thrones stark starks Stark family
This ice breaker is a twist on the matching game. Print out pictures of each member of the Stark family (both dead and living) and then print out pages of the scenarios of which they are currently in (for those who died- list the way they were killed). Split the group into teams and have them pair the Stark up with their current situation. Bonus: Depending on time and need of conversation- you may also want to relate situations the Starks currently find themselves in based on the decisions they made and connect that to the decisions we make in everyday life. You can also use this to help OLs find their summer partners!

6) Tyrion’s Story.

game of thrones got tyrion lannister tyrion lannister s

Tyrion Lannister has always seemed to be set up to fail from the beginning. Instead, Tyrion continues to overcome and tries to make the best of his situations. Ask students to volunteer to talk about a time in their life that they had to overcome a challenge and what was learned from it. What is their Tyrion moment?


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