It’s the end of the summer. You didn’t really have a vacation and well you’re just trying to power through. Maybe some images from the television show Power will give you a little reminder and quick break.

When you realize you’ve only got one summer Friday left

Power starz damn la la anthony tv

You’re at a staff meeting. It’s 4:39 on a Thursday before a summer Friday and your boss asks if anyone has additional questions

Power ghost serious starz tv series

What you want to say when someone asks why enrollment numbers are down

Power tv starz tv series magician

When a student says they might miss some days from RA Training

Power starz tasha naturi naughton try it

What you want to say when your boss asks to quickly meet at 455PM

Power season 2 tv show episode finale

When students ask if you work during the summer

Power season 2 starz you have no idea naturi naughton

What your out of office message really means during those few days off

Power tv show episode starz 208

Your boss’s response when you ask about the programming budget cuts

Power tv hand hands starz

The feeling you get when having a phone interview in your office

Power tv show episode starz 208

After the final orientation. Once the RA’s arrive for training and the semester starts in two weeks.

Power tv show ghost episode boss

When you’re focused and ready to show Sucka MC’s what you’ve got in store for the new year

Good luck with the start of the summer!



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