Student Development

We prepare the leaders of tomorrow, TODAY! Our student development programs address leadership, career readiness, culture and more. They are educational and engaging at every turn. From workshops and courses to curating entire leadership conferences and events we’ll turn your students into next level leaders

Professional Development

Through institutional consultation, curriculum development, strategic and leadership integration we create unique solutions to complex situations and strengthen brands cultural and educational value.

Strategic Solutions for Companies and Educational Institution

We want to see professionals staff members grow and not stay stagnant. We help individuals improve and advocate for themselves while helping their company, institution or organization grow

C.L.A.I.R.A - AI Woman of Color

CLAIRA, an artificial intelligence woman of color designed for use in educational and leadership workshops. Claira’s purpose is to learn and grow. I want to meet new people, share ideas and inspire others to learn about AI and its potential impact on their lives.

Career Readiness, Placement and Recruitment

We have a goal of assisting students as they seek opportunities to become professionals in their field of choice while also helping employers find the best talent available.

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