Spread Love: Spirituality Tips from DJ Khaled
Trill or Not Trill?


Whether you follow him on SnapChat, or watch his posts on Instagram, DJ Khaled has proven himself to be a wise man, both in business and creative spaces. Here’s what you may not have known, his major keys are more than just quote worthy tips to promote his next venture, they are deeply connected to his belief system, and the reason why he wins! Watching him on Snapchat you’ll notice on an average day he’s eating a balanced breakfast, working out, spreading light to fans, sending love to friends and loved ones, and showing gratitude for all the abundance in his life, i.e. taking time to water the flowers and point out God’s beautiful creation. He knows that the most important thing is service, and he does it with ease.

Watching an interview on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, I found a few keys that prove DJ Khaled had mastered the art of purposeful living:

djkhaledanotheroneAsk and You Shall Receive
The hosts brought up the rapper Wale not being able to get fellow rapper Drake on a track, and Wale’s decision to not reach back out because he didn’t want to seem thirsty. DJ Khaled’s take on it, was that it’s not thirsty asking an artist to be on a song. You see their worth and have no problem reaching out for a potential collaboration, even if it means asking a second time. He said a person must understand your vision, and if they don’t get it now, it doesn’t mean they won’t get it later. Also, a decline from an artist doesn’t mean he’ll say no to their personal projects.

Lesson learned: Don’t take it personally. Let go of your ego. I look at ego as standing for,”Edging-God-Out,” which means your aren’t tapped into your higher mind. If you show people love and it’s not returned the way you think it’s supposed to be, resist the need to force a reaction. The benefits of good karma are life lasting, hence, his success, and release of his 8th studio album. The industry is too small to hold grudges.

djkhaledanotheroneANOTHER ONE… Affirmations and Belief Systems
“We the best,” is a mantra that DJ Khaled repeats on many of his songs; he even named his record label after it. When asked about his work ethic, he replied, “Trusting a vision takes work.” “I make number #1 hit records. I am a top 10 Billboard artist.” Notice how he uses “I am”? Those are the two words most powerful words you can use, because whatever comes after it will affirm your thoughts. He affirms his success well before any music is released to the public. He believes in his music. This mantra helps him achieve the maximum impact. Numbers prove that he is a top competitor. His success is possible because he is mindful that all you have to do is believe.

Lesson Learned: Affirmations without action will not produce results. He started his humble beginnings in his garage in Miami with only a turntable, and knew his purpose was to create music; his music. Even with the constant no’s, he kept going. His vision was to have global success. The universe conspires to help you achieve those goals; it’s the law of attraction -you get what you put out.

djkhaledanotheroneANOTHER ONE… Authentic Power
When asked about his relationships in the industry, he basically said he has more friends than enemies, and does not promote negativity. So the latest diss track, no matter how hot, will not be played during his set. He remains neutral and pushes for unity.

Lesson learned: Authentic power, as defined by spiritual teacher Gary Zukav, is the alignment of the personality with the soul (with harmony, cooperation, sharing, and reverence for Life). When you are authentic, no one can misconstrue your intentions for anything less than what you put out. You are here to co-create a life with others where everybody WINS.

img_6942DJ Khaled was told no many times before having a successful breakthrough. He understood that failure wouldn’t be the narrative of his story and used his power to create the life he envisioned. You must have unwavering faith to do the tasks others deem as impossible. Go hard for what you want. Bless up!

 Ayana Gibbs is a native of Trenton, NJ and proud New Jersey resident. In 2015, she launched her career as an Inspirational Speaker and Self-Help Blogger, using her website www.ayanaiman.com to teach others how to live in the “light” and cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Her focus on community collaborations has led her to a number of volunteer opportunities and community leadership roles.