Steph Curry and Game Winning Leadership
Trill or Not Trill?

img_7528Steph Curry is having a pretty unbelievable year. On Saturday night he raised the bar of excellence one more time.  His game winning 38 foot jumper shook up the NBA. In those few seconds, there were plenty of leadership tidbits to take home with us. It’s not just about winning a game on the court, it’s about winning in everything we do.

To take a shot like that, you have to fully believe you will make a shot like that. His game winner had confidence drenched all over it. Curry practices those deep range jump shots and proves time and time again that he can make it. Confidences comes with repetition. Confidence appears when you’ve been in the fire before and aren’t ever afraid of getting burned. You have to be in it, to win it.

It won’t always go as plannedIMG_7514
Not everything has to be planned perfectly. The Warriors had a timeout, in which Coach Steve Kerr could have drawn up a play for the win. A timeout could have calmed the Warriors down for the closing moments. Announcer Mike Breen said, “They do have a timeout but decide not to use it.” Leadership won’t always look the way you drew it up in rehearsal or at the previous conference call. Don’t be scared to make an executive decision that deviates from the plan. It won’t always work that way but if you know, based on your skills and surveying the scene, that the impromptu move is the best move. Well then go for it.

Know your roles
It’s important to know your strengths. Andre Iguodola grabbed that rebound and found the right guy. Draymond Green and Klay Thompson were both all stars to his right. Harrison Barnes was streaking to his left. Iguodola himself, is the reigning Finals MVP. With all that said, he knew who to pass the ball to. He knew that Curry had hit 11 three’s already. He understood that Curry shoots about 50% from beyond 28 feet. He knows the MVP when he sees him. Curry asked for the ball, knowing he was the best man for this job. As leaders, you have to know what works best for the team. Who is the person that should be speaking at the gala dinner? Which member is best suited to be a representative at an important meeting? Who is the one to get people hyped and excited before a major event? Know the roles and see the wins.

Pay attention to details
There’s been a lot of talk about what defenses should have done in a moment like that. I mean he shot the ball from 30 plus feet away; so not much. One thing that OKC could have done is find Curry, the moment Golden State secured the rebound. No matter what happens, we can’t let him shoot. That should be the mentality. Under pressure situations, sometimes we panic or let our instincts take over. Listen, Steph Curry made a ridiculous shot, but if Andre Roberson who was guarding Curry paid just a bit more attention to detail, we might still be playing.

Don’t be afraid to celebrateIMG_7511(1)
Humility is key. We often speak on that concept here on Trill or Not Trill. We  also do not shy away from celebrating victories. Small or large, acknowledge your wins. Don’t go overboard by showboating but also don’t feel as if you have to bottle up your emotions. Enjoying the successful end to a program you’ve put together or watching a project idea turn into a real victory could be just as exciting as that late game winning shot. I’m not personally a fan of all the dancing and shimmying that comes from Curry and teammates on regular made shots. This shoulder shake, crip walking thing he did after the big one against OKC was alright with me, though.

Someone is always watchingimg_7513
I used to tell my RA’s, that they were Resident Assistants 24 hours a day. They heard this message because, eyes were always on them. Granted, this was a primetime game, on network television, so we knew there would millions watching. What we didn’t see coming were all the accolades from Curry’s peers. They’re watching closely, with a competitive edge or with some awe. Regardless, Lebron James, Damian Lillard, Dirk Nowitzki, Kyle Lowry and more had their eyes on that last shot.

Excellence hiding greatness
When you do great things as a leader, it will be recognized. Your consistency won’t gocurry 3s unnoticed unless, you’re doing something greater than usual. As a leader, know that the more you excel, the more other achievements could potentially fly under the radar. When you do amazing work even the best of accomplishments play second fiddle. Saturday night Steph Curry broke his own record for most 3s made in a one season. He tied the record for most 3s made in one game. His team clinched a playoff berth last night as well. Despite that, we’re still talking about that incredible shot.


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Stay trill, folks.

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