Stranger Things in Student Affairs
Trill or Not Trill?

There is nothing scarier than Halloween landing on a week day as a Higher Ed professional. Whether you are a Resident Assistant or working in Campus Life we have seen it all. Here is some fun inspired by my favorite Netflix show “Stranger Things” we can all relate to. Happy Halloween!

When you wake up on a Monday and realize it’s Halloween

stranger things wake up waking up david harbour chief hopper

When a student wears a culturally inappropriate costume

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert scared omg confused stephen colbert

When students ask why they can’t wear a mask

Geek & Sundry stranger things law rules rule

When your co-workers ask me if I’m  dressing up this year

stranger things season 1 netflix eleven elle

When you’re asked to supervise the student Halloween party

stranger things eleven elle freaking out millie brown

When your co-workers dress up at work after they told you they weren’t

stranger things eleven elle friends done lie season 1

When you have to explain why “black face” is not appropriate

upset stranger things winona ryder season 1 netflix

When you can’t figure out whether a student is in costume or in regular clothing

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert late show millie bobby brown what is that whats that

When students wear costumes that are too revealing

stranger things eleven elle millie brown season 1

When a student tries to tell you about their Halloween weekend and you try to change the subject

When you’re having a serious meeting with a student but they’re in costume

stranger things blush nancy blushing natalia dyer

When your day ends and you didn’t have to write any incident reports

E! emmys eonline its been a wonderful ride stranger things cast

Have a productive and Happy Halloween!



Antonio Talamo is a young higher education professional that has experience working in Student Activities and Advisement. He has brought his talents to Montclair State University where he will be the Coordinator for Commuter Students and Programs . He has grown from a go-to-class-go-home student to a professional who is passionate about giving students the best college experience at any level. He is a huge sports fan that loves the New York Giants and the Boston Red Sox and swears he is the reason the Red Sox broke the Bambino curse.
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