Welcome to Trill or Not Trill?

This is the official home of the musings of MrJeffDess. The following will take place on this here little blog:

My thoughts on Pop Culture, Student Leadership Development and Higher Education, motivation and affirmation, some of my short fiction and more.

Lastly, this lovely location will ask the age old question of “Trill or Not Trill?

What does Trill mean? The great Bun B and UGK  who popularized the term and are noted as originators will tell you one thing. Urban Dictionary will tell you another. Ask Donald Trump and well he might call you a rapist. This blog will consistently look to STAY TRILL.

To test yourself, from this list below, answer either Trill or Not Trill. If you find that more than 5 things on this list are Trill, you’re on the right track to understanding. If not you’re still on the right track. So there.

  1. Barack Obama’s Summer Playlist
  2. The Rich Homie Quan Dance
  3. Using pop culture in the classroom
  4. Hillary Clinton’s laugh
  5. This barber
  6. Wesley Pipes talking during his scenes
  7. The New York Yankees honoring Alex Rodriguez
  8. Zoe Kravitz
  9. Grits and Biscuits (as a meal)
  10. Lebron James paying for college education 
  11. Grits & Biscuits (as a party)
  12. Sending an eggplant emojii
  13. This Dutch newspaper
  14. Tyga’s relationship with Kylie Jenner (or is it the other Jenner?)
  15. Trevor Noah
  16. This right here

jeff trill

Stay Trill, folks.