Lebron Creates Leaders and So Can You
Trill or Not Trill?


I came across an article about Maverick Carter speaking at Harvard Business School. You may not know who he is, but you certainly have heard of his good friend and business partner Lebron James. Lebron has proven to be a leader on the court but watching the success of not only Maverick Carter but some of his other good friends is a testament of his leadership off of the court. True leaders must be able to help develop and cultivate others. It’s not just about you shining but also making sure that you could find people to take the mantle alongside of you or when you’re not around. Lebron James has developed into a strong businessman and figure in the non basketball world. One of his greatest accomplishments is helping those around him become leaders as well. Below are 4 ways that you can help elevate others using some tips from Lebron.

See Potential in People Where Others Don’t
Lebron James was criticized left and right when he left his original agency and created LRMR. People perceived this as another young black man taking his unskilled homies

LRMR w/President Obama

LRMR w/President Obama

with him to the top. Lebron saw the potential that so many others didn’t see.  He was able to recognize the savvy and business acumen in his childhood friends Maverick Carter and Randy Mims. Eventually, he met Rich Paul and knew there was a future agent within that young man, whom he met in randomly. LRMR reps Lebron and recently added NFL quarterback, Johnny Manziel. The doubters were there and they’ve been left eating their words.

Great leaders possess the vision to see things before others. They have an ability to discover diamonds in the rough better than anyone. The student who knows everyone and interacts with the entire campus but has never been to a club meeting in their lives is a leader in the making. The seemingly shy student who sits quietly yet brilliantly in class just might be a leader in the making. The person who rocks every single open mic but has no official position could be your next student body president. All it takes is someone to see to the potential while others look at them from a monolithic lens

Create Opportunities for Others Succeed
Lebron left one of the most lucrative sports agencies along with an agent who helped navigate a huge contract extension for him. He split from all that to join his friend Rich Paul. Paul, had worked under Lebron’s former agent Leon Rose, grew and eventually opened up his own agency. He knew the ropes and learned the tricks of the trade then took advantage of all the skill sets gained. When that move happened, Lebron undoubtedly turned Paul into a major agent by signing with his pal. Lebron opened a door by initially linking Rich Paul with Leon Rose then instead of opportunity knocking, it crashed through. Paul now represents up to 10 NBA players now.

As you are developing leaders, point them into directions where they have the best chance to succeed. Recommend them for leadership opportunities and push them towards success. If you have an open committee position on your board get that person plugged in. I help run a leadership program in my current professional position. One of the responsibilities of the returning leaders was to recruit and recommend new potential people to help increase the membership. It was a thing of beauty to see more seasoned student leaders coming into my office with fresh names and faces. They were literally introducing me to everyone from first year students to seniors. They create the opportunity and the new leaders are fully prepared to take the baton.

Never Stop Supporting
Maverick Carter was widely considered to be the man behind Lebron’s “Decision” special. This was widely regarded as the biggest blunder in James’ career. This was a chance for James to say deuces to his friend’s management. He could have easily listened to Mark Cuban who said the event could have cost billions in potential endorsement losses. Instead he rode out with Carter. They continued to grow and develop more and more. Carter is the guy who masterminded a Beats Headphones deal for the NBA All Star, along with many other transactions. I twas great to see Lebron and the rest of the members of LRMR  there in full support of Maverick as he spoke at Harvard.

You have to do more than simply impart knowledge. Growing pains will surely show up and it’s essential for you to be there as a mentor. Let your fellow leader know that you’ll be there for the glory days as well as the rainy ones. Hurdles are made to make you stronger; especially the ones that you trip over. If your friend loses an election or doesn’t reach a goal, as a true leader, you need to be a motivating force that pushes them back on track towards greatness.

Continue Your Own Development
One of the most used tenets of leadership is to “lead by example.” You should always seek personal growth. Constantly challenge yourself to achieve and excel in as many new areas as possible. By doing so, you’re showing your fellow leaders the importance of practicing what you preach. When Lebron met his friends, he was a budding young baller. From that point he went on to become one of the most highly touted basketball players of all time. This feat was followed up by him becoming an NBA superstar, Gold medalist, champion and global icon. His constant development on the court and continuous progress off the court is the perfect example for his boys and is the push that will help them raise their bars.



Stay trill, folks

MrJeffDess is a writer, professor, public speaker and emcee of Haitian descent. He is an author of 4 books of poetry, including his latest, Deconstructing Ratchet. With over ten years of performing and student affairs experience under his belt MrJeffDess continues to strive towards helping students reach their highest potential. For booking information, contact MrJeffDess at mrjeffdess@gmail.com