Deconstructing Jay Z
“Drug Dealers Anonymous”
Trill or Not Trill?

Two days ago, Pusha T and Jay Z released a song entitled, “Drug Dealers Anonymous” a song based on their past lives before hip hop. Another inspiration to the song was “The Blaze” reporter Tomi Lahren, who spoke negatively about the Brooklyn rapper after Beyonce’s super bowl appearance. The reporter said, “Your husband was a drug dealer, for 14 years he sold crack cocaine. Pusha T decided to make a song based off of this quote, sent Jay Z an email with his verse in place and the rest is history.

As leaders we sometimes are subjected to our dark past. The deconstruction of Jay Z’s verse is proof that anyone can turn a negative lifestyle into positive leadership lessons. Let’s deconstruct some of these lines:

Federico Fellini in the flesh
 As a leader we must pay homage to the leaders before us. Once you pay homage skills should be taken from each individual leader to help you direct you through your
personal movie aka life’s ups and downs. Fellini directed a film called La Dolce Vita translated into The Good Life. In addition to paying homage, lets enjoy life.

Sergio Tacchini inside his mesh
Deion Sanders once said, if you look good, you feel good, if you feel good, you play good, if you play good, they pay good.”  As a leader you should always be on time and dress for all occasion.  Your presence should be felt before opening your mouth.

Google me baby, you crazy
As we continue to grow into the digital age google has played a large part. According to USA Today, “The answer could make a difference between a job and the unemployment line, or a happily ever after and nights alone. That’s why you need to run your own search first.” It is time to see what images or news articles come up on google when our names are searched.

Type it in, Google’s your friend bruh
It is important as a leader to roll with a strong circle. Remember you are the 5 people you hang with most.

14 Year Drug Dealer and still counting
You will receive criticism as Jay Z did from Tomi Lahren. In this case turn the criticism into positive energy. Look past negative commentary and transform the energy into ongoing success

Who deserves the Medal of Freedom is my accountant
Every leader needs a sidekick to help navigate, support and give constructive criticism. As a leader some days may feel like you’re going to war but this individual will always be there.

I walk though the garage it’s like multiple choices/I told ‘em pull the Royce up
Create multiple lanes as a leader. Be versatile as a leader and be able to show initiative or drive no matter the car or opportunity presented to you.

We got storefronts, we got employee stubs/We been opening studios and 40/40s up
The proof is in the pudding. Detractors will try to criticize you and your accomplishments. Show the world you’ve got nothing to hide and display your ability and accolades. Be proud of the successes and opportunities you created and don’t be afraid to let the people know.

The paper trail is gorgeous.
Paper Trail is important in numerous ways. Like Jay-Z let’s turn this line into a double entendre. For those that don’t know a double entendre is a word or phrase open to two interpretations,
Meaning #1: Moving forward all leaders must cover their trail with written proof. Unfortunately in professional leadership your word means nothing unless it’s written down.
Meaning #2: It’s time to get those pieces of paper with the leadership skills you possess. Let’s enroll in that post-grad program, get that financial license or any other form of educational paper that considers you an expert in a field.

Before Reasonable Doubt dropped, the jury hung
There will always be people who doubt your success in the way they doubted Jay Z after his first album, Reasonable Doubt wasn’t a commercial success. He took that energy and ran with it. You don’t need validation of others. Believe in your talent even when there is doubt. (no pun intended.)

Ask Teddy Riley ‘bout me /Ask the Federalis ‘bout me
Be a prominent voice and leave your mark everywhere you go. Even when you leave the room if they ask about you, the report back will be excellent.

Ya’ll think Uber’s the future, our cars been autonomous
Just like Uber an driver once we have direction one must drive towards their destination. Uber changed the taxi game and you should too as a leader.

We just call the shots by simply moving our thumbs
A leader of this generation should be social media savvy. Don’t leave everything to texting, group chats and snapchat but be aware of how important these spaces are and use them to your advantage

Life made me ambidextrous
A great leader must be flexible despite anything thrown their way.

I always knew I was a prophet, but I couldn’t find a decent job
Come on its Jay-Z another, double entendre folks:
Meaning #1: Successful leaders have the ability to create a winning culture through their ability to inspire others (Prophet).
Meaning #2: *Student affairs employees can relate here* Successful leaders may feel undercompensated (Profit) but all success does not equal money.

Daaaaaaaamn Daniel
Become the Damn Daniel of leadership. Always volunteer, never play the background and don’t be afraid to make your presence known. Your consistency may lead to a viral appearance.

FBI keep bringing them all white vans through
Please be aware with success comes the hate. Eyes will start to watch your every move waiting for a mistake. Stay away from any possible negligent behavior Remember keep your friends close, hold your enemies closer.



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