Why I Haven’t Seen Straight Outta Compton
Trill or Not Trill?

This past Sunday, (yesterday) I was ready to add some points to my imaginary Black Card and Hip Hop card by going to see Straight Outta Compton. The musical prep game was strong as I was bumping my Compton playlist on Spotify on the way. There wasn’t a Jheri Curl but that heat on the back of my shirt was wet as if I was sporting one.

The line at the AMC theater was particularly long. There were two Indian films being played in my heavily Indian populated neighborhood, so perhaps that was it. Also movie theaters on Sundays, I’ve learned over the years are the worst. Out of the corner of my eye a police officer was walking around near the entrance. I’ve read all the articles about beefed up security for showings of F. Gary Gray’s new flick, but I didn’t think of his presence as anything at the time.

I finally reached the ticket counter and asked for one to Straight Outta Compton and the clerk said, “May I see your ID please.” Now folks, I have been to this theater countless times and have seen all the rated R movies. All of them. (Well not 50 Shades of Grey, what type of person do you take me as?) Not one single time have I been asked for ID. Now granted I have been using this new moisturizer that keeps my face fresh and young but I refuse to believe that this was the reason for my the request. I reached into my wallet and realized my license was sitting on the kitchen counter at the crib. I showed her my work ID which said Faculty/Staff and her next response was almost comical.

“Are you 21? You need to be 21 to see this movie.” Since when does one have to be 21 to see a movie was my retort to that odd new rule. According to our lovely AMC employee, this was a rule for this film. So just like my mama taught me back in the day when McDonalds refused to give her extra napkins, I called for a manager.

The seemingly 18 year old clerk passed me over to the seemingly 21 year old manager. I was seemingly under 21 myself so I couldn’t wait to hear this one. The manager said that due to the out pour expected for Straight Outta Compton added measures had to be taken. I asked if they did the same for the Avengers or Terminator? “It varies from film to film,” was the answer to that question. When I told them that this felt racist, the young man vehemently disagreed. I saw that officer outside eyeing the situation and immediately felt a certain way. He was not involved but his sight alone gave me second thoughts about putting up a bigger fight. The staff asked if I wanted to file a complaint, I took the form and have yet to fill anything out.

With that said, according to this theater, I could go to war and vote for my country but I can’t go see “Straight Outta Compton”. What they don’t know is that if I was 16 I would have just found a way to sneak in anyways. #TBT #DontTellMom

jeff trill

Stay Trill, folks.