Thoughts from My Selfish Self
Trill or Not Trill?

I’m selfish. I admit it. And it’s OK to be…after all, when push comes to shove who is going to advance my career? Pay my bills? Make me happy? Sure, I’ve got a great husband, great friends and all that fun stuff. But at the center of it all is, well…me.

I wanted to pre-face this entry by starting with that and also saying this isn’t your typical meme laden, 10 things about “insert leadership trait” blog-o-fun you’ve come accustomed to, from my side of the Trill or Not Trill house. In light of what just happened early Sunday morning in Orlando (if you’re under a rock- google it), and what potentially could have happened in LA, I needed to just throw some words into the wind and this my way of doing so.

We can now add #prayfororlando to the list of growing hashtags that has come to represent humanity and quite frankly, enough is enough. I’ll be the first one to say I can do better as an educator. I could do more to speak out on social issues…I could also do more with being a member of the LGBT community. Whether for better or for worse, my privileged white male voice speaks volumes and in most cases, people listen. After reading through the news all morning and seeing how people are reacting…it is time to speak and it is time to listen.

Earlier I posted an observation on social media. The human race has ultimately decided to put its selfishness for causes over the actual value of human life. You name it: race, religion, gender or socio-economic status; all of this occurs because we care too much for the individual and not the life. Let’s look at our most recent example what happened last night in Orlando. What did the worst mass shooting in America turn into? An argument between homophobia or radical Islam. Even more so, it has become a political hot bed for gun rights. You also better bet your life salary that Orlando is going to become an arguing point between our presidential nominees. But wait…what about the 50 people who died? The 53 who were injured? How quickly we use them as scapegoats to interject our own personal and prejudice selfish arguments.

One can definitely argue that the energy put into good causes are valid and just- but again, why are we fighting? Because it affects us personally…or will it ultimately make the value of life for us during our time here on earth legitimately better? Wake up everybody- the more we continue to box ourselves into our own little spheres of influence the more tragic events will continue to happen. It pains me to see that these mass shootings are the vehicles that are being used to drive the gun rights argument. It drives me absolutely nuts that we rush to put race and religion at the forefront of conflict. Sorry folks, at the very center of it all is you.

Ultimately you can make the hard decision to put what’s best for human life over what’s best for the individual or group. I’m not saying that you should ignore your best interests all together. That is the world we built and we must live in it. But, should we also continue to discriminate and look to kill others based off of our own selfish and “righteous” views or we can finally make the pivot to realizing that all of mankind; wait…even better…all living beings matter?

Tough question.

Till the next time,

scott trill

Scott Siegel-Ortiz is a well-rounded higher education professional with over 8 years of dedication to the development and success of students. His passion for making an impact knows no boundaries and is constantly striving to reach the next level while encouraging his students to do the same.
Scott also loves long walks down the aisles of Target and likes to post lots of pics of his cats on social media.