How To Build a Sucka MC.
(not to be confused with how to build a bomb)
Trill or Not Trill?

Deterring brilliance with prejudice as a weapon is a dangerous thing. This type of behavior is right up the Sucka MC’s alley.  I run into these situations on various levels of education all the time. I’ve seen the Black English major be told that they weren’t good enough to understand Victorian Literature. (That student transferred and excelled in English somewhere else) I know of the Latina sister who’s been dissuaded from studying microbiology simply because Spanish was her first language. (She is now a successful microbiologist)  In this country marginalized groups continually get pushed away from areas of study for no reason other than prejudice.  Some of those students don’t have the strength, guidance or mentors to keep pushing them towards their dreams and goals. Sucka MC’s don’t care about dreams.

According to the Learning Curve repost by the Economist Intelligence Unit, the U.S. ranks 17th out of 40 countries in educational performance. The World Economic Forum ranks America as 48th in the quality of its math and science education. A companion survey of members of the American Association for the Advancement of Science found that just 16% called U.S. K-12 STEM education the best or above average. The Organization of Economic Development tank ranks the US 27th in math and 20th in science. SuckaMC’s don’t care about statistics. Who needs numbers when you can just overreact?  Any teacher or administrator that would rather punish than cultivate fits the bill.  Ahmed Mohamed’s school is nationally ranked. Which begs me to ask how many educators did it take to figure out that a clock isn’t a bomb? They’re supposed to be the good ones. You know what, maybe they really thought it was a bomb. Everyone loves precaution but at what point do you realize, that you’ve gone too far. When does someone say, “Maybe the handcuffs weren’t necessary.” At any point did someone acknowledge that a 14 year old built a fucking clock from scratch! SuckaMC’s never ask the right questions.

Kiera Wilmot messed up on a science experiment and was handcuffed then expelled. The charges were dropped when in reality they should have never been pressed. If the Florida teenager made a sextape and sold it for money, then turned that into a lucrative reality TV career, circumstances might have been different. Perhaps, if Ahmed Mohamed attempted a 360 degree windmill dunk, he wouldn’t have been arrested. We’d make sure to put him on a dominant AAU team to harness those amazing skills. We’d tell him to take off that NASA T-Shirt he was detained in and go buy some Jordans. SuckaMC’s worry about all the wrong things. 

Young folks are coding, inventing and technologically advancing at rates faster than 150916-ahmed-mohamed-clock-hoax_acdf04ad1b65509f162ee3e4e5126dd9.nbcnews-ux-2880-1000most of their teachers. These millennials and their younger brothers and sister are having their creativity stunted in large part because the elders don’t get it. I’m convinced that SuckaMC’s hate seeing younger people do dope shit. STEM initiatives are being created on local, state and national levels, which is wonderful. The idea is good, but it’s moments like this that threaten the execution.

What if Ahmed was named Lucas Hardy from Scarsdale? Would the influence of his affluent parents make sure that there was no arrest, interrogation or suspension?  We just celebrated the anniversary of September 11th. I’m reminded of a colleague of mine who retold his account of being forced to transfer schools because of the treatment he received due to his last name being Khan. I won’t assume, but I do wonder had Mohamed not been this young man’s name would they have went after him in such a manner. The police department described it as a “naïve accident.” SuckaMC’s love jumping to all the conclusions.

According to a Dallas Morning Star interview the young man said he would never bring in his inventions to school again. Who needs to bring an invention there, when you can carry it to the White House? Good to see that our president is not a SuckaMC.

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I’ll admit, I don’t know all the details and hopefully something will come out to help me understand, but as of now I’m saddened by the school’s behavior. What I am happy about, is seeing the outrage over Ahmed Mohamed’s treatment.  We have to build leaders and not break them down.  Our goal is to avoid this SuckaMC behavior and transform lives. So many young geniuses are engaging with the world and they need our support. There are tons of amazing STEM Educators who are not SuckaMC’s at all. Dr. Jedidah Isler, Dr. Karen Morgan, Dr. Nicole Grimes, Dr. Christopher Emdin are just a few homies doing amazing work and changing the game. Ahmed’s teachers failed him but we must not fail our youth any longer. Geeks are Trill. Inventions are Trill. Education is Trill.

And that is how you build a Sucka MC. But we’re done building those right?


Stay trill, folks.