Ted Cruz. The Speech. The Leadership Lessons
Trill or Not Trill?

I could never see myself voting for Ted Cruz. His political views go totally against many of my own personal beliefs. With that said Cruz’s speech at the Republican National convention was something else. It started with much of the same rhetoric. He was playing to the crowd as they cheered his every move. (they were a bit quiet at the mention of Alton Sterling though) As people were ready to give that standing ovation, he hit them with the okie doke, the pump fake, theCheezburger soccer juke juke of jukes. For my wrestling fans, it reminded me of when Hulk Hogan went from lovable star to evil villain. Cruz flipped the script for the last 4-5 minutes of his speech. He stated the following, “Stand and speak and vote your conscience, vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the Constitution.” He completely changed the tone of the room and added yet another piece of controversy to the circus that was the Republican National Convention. Cruz isn’t my ideal leader by no means but those final minutes featured some powerful leadership lessons.

Stick to Your Guns
If you truly believe that the cause you’re fighting for is the real deal, stick to your guns. Stick to your guns, when you believe an injustice has been done. Also do so when you feel as if enough is enough. Your convictions may not always be the best for everybody, so be cognizant of yourted cruz no way not happening not gonna happen overall audience. If it’s in the best interest or important to the masses then hold tight to your word. Cruz made it very clear in his speech and during his campaign that he was not about this Trump life and reminded us during his speech, as he dropped that mic on folks. Donald continually insulted Cruz’s marriage and family and Cruz continually fought back. He was certain that Trump was the man for the job and well, and reminded folks of that on the biggest stage.

Gamble on yourself
Ted Cruz peeps this whole game. He doesn’t have a chance this year in the election but looks at this race as a marathon. If not today then tomorrow. He was gambling for that 2020 election payout. As many other former rivals come out and endorse Trump, Cruz decided to go all in on himself.  If you don’t think you can make it happen, then nobody will. Many people will look at you like you’re crazy but there are some that will recognize the belief you have in self. It’s a dangerous act because that gamble may lead to you crashing and burning. The right bet though, will set you up for success. Like a true casino pro, make sure to weigh all options and have a keen eye to predict results. Cruz obviously thinks Trump will fail and eventually open the door for his own success. If that actually happens, Cruz will be remembered as the guy who said no to Donald Trump. When betting on yourself, make sure you have everything in order and ready to go. Your name may be called on at any time and if that does happen, it’s going to be time to cash in.

Effectively Use the Platform
You won’t always have an opportunity to speak to the right audience. It’s not every day that all eyes will be watching. Whether at a pep rally, a popular hour in the cafeteria or during an important meeting, the right platform can be anywhere. What matters most, are the listeners. When the time is right to make a major announcement or proclamation, be very aware of Election 2016 rnc ted cruz republican national convention rnc 2016who’s in the room. If it’s meant for the everyone to hear, the moment you’re given the opportunity on the giant stage, go for it. Cruz knew exactly what he was doing. It was the night before Trump was to speak and he was the night’s keynote. Perfect! Thousands in the convention center and even more at home saw Cruz lay the hammer. If you didn’t know, now you know. He could have said this at a press conference or during an interview and it just wouldn’t be the same. Make sure the more important the message, the bigger the platform.

Expect and Embrace Criticism
Whether it’s from the haters or from people who genuinely disagree with you, criticism is coming. Cruz felt it, the moment he didn’t officially endorse Trump. The heat in the room started to rise and the people began their uproar. He was literally booed of the stage. As this happened, he didn’t stop speaking and never faltered. If you think that what you have to say is for the good of the people, do know that in certain spaces, the fire will be thrown. Cruz’s wife had to be escorted away from the event. The criticism and angst from people might be very high, but trust your message and recognize that there will be other people there who support you. Back up your sentiments with facts and a concrete plan of action. Don’t stop delivering an important message for the people because some folks yelled at you. Ted Cruz didn’t.

I can’t believe I just rocked out with Ted Cruz for those  last few moments. I personally never looked at him as a viable leader. Those final 6 minutes of speech though, really showed me something. If I could vote for just those minutes and nothing else, I might consider Cruz. But that’s it though. Just the end of the speech and not a second more.


MrJeffDess is a writer, professor, public speaker and emcee of Haitian descent. He is an author of 4 books of poetry, including his latest, Deconstructing Ratchet. With over ten years of performing and student affairs experience under his belt MrJeffDess continues to strive towards helping students reach their highest potential. For booking information, contact MrJeffDess at mrjeffdess@gmail.com