The Trill Rankings: Power
Trill or Not Trill?


I had no intentions of watching Power. Honestly the plan was to avoid the show simply because everyone was talking about it. To put this in perspective, The Wire didn’t touch these eyes of mine until 2014. I did that purely out of spite. My group chat was talking about Power as was my family. Most importantly my Facebook news feed and Twitter timeline were all over it. One small issue; I didn’t subscribe to Starz. In solving this problem I did like every red blooded American would. I borrowed my friend’s Optimum Cable password and away we went.

Power is by no means The Wire but it is rather entertaining. I powered (pun totally intended)through two seasons in a couple of days. With an average of 8 nipple appearance per show, I was hooked. Beyond that,there are some amazingly fun characters on this show. So, after watching the season finale, there was only one thing to do. Rank the characters of course! I’ll be presenting The Trill Rankings  regularly in times of decision making need. and the good folks of Power will be our first.

Trill = Good
Sucka MC = Bad
That’s all you need to know about The Trill Rankings



All those cuts on his face. She knew he was a killer and still outchea smooching. #SuckaMC

7. Angela
Angela is one of the great Sucka MC’s in recent television history. I understand the concept of love conquering all, but this woman has been conquered, ravaged and taken over. Her soul has suffered through imperialism at the hand of Jaime. (Sidenote: This is the first James I’ve ever heard referred to as Jaime.) I found myself consistently rooting for her to fail. She flipped on Jaime and the government at least 17 times in two seasons. This woman kept lying and digging deeper holes. What does she have to show for it? Jaime’s six pack and more lies. If she doesn’t end up in jail before this series comes to end, I will feel slighted as a viewer.

6. Greg Knox
Angela is a slick one or maybe she put it on Greg so trill that he couldn’t leave her alone. I could have told this dude not to trust AUSA Valdes from the jump. Greg paid the price First suspension and now he actually has become a creep. Look at this stalker sequence below. I’m rooting for a comeback but as we end season 2 he’s trending down.

IMG_4963IMG_4964 (1)



Shawn didn’t say goodbye because young folks never call and are terrible texters or dead.

I often rooted for Tasha but this should teach you all a lesson. Dating someone considerably younger will leave you heartbroken and/or leave them shot in the head. Lose, lose situation. She’s lost her husband, no more side boo thang, and Lala as a best friend. Speaking of which; ladies would you have still dealt with Shawn after your best friend rode that pony?  At least the kids are still around. Tasha has proven that she can think on her feet, so not all is lost. Plus, she’ll always be Lil Kim to me so that’s a bonus, kind of.


4. Dre
This young man is trending up. I haven’t seen anyone play both fences as slick as Dre did. He lost his first captain and immediately teamed up with Ghost. When he put that gun to Tommy’s head, I was legitimately shocked yet impressed.  If he were to sit through one of my leadership workshops, we’d turn him into a head honcho immediately. My goal is not to improve the skills of drug dealers, I’m just looking to enhance the lives of young leaders. Dre is certainly a young leader in his field. Just say no to Drugs. Just say yes to Leadership.


FullSizeRender (10)

Look at that puppy. Look at that lovely red hair. Can’t lose that.

3. Tommy
He’s in a very trill spot. Let’s start with having Turtle as a lawyer. That alone boosted him up this list. Tommy stiff armed jail time like a Heisman trophy winner and do believe I laughed in Angela’s face just as he did.  Tommy’s still having some fun sex with his ginger wifey. His puppy game is strong. Human Resources just informed him of a promotional opportunity. His only glitch is having to decide to kill his man 50 grand. What would you do? What ever needs to be done the drug ball is in his court.



I added this caption because I really loved that song.

 2. James St. Patrick
If there was anyone who came away a winner it was this guy. His beard shape up and hair line excellence are wins in of themselves. I mean seriously, nary blemish for two seasons. Things were great for James and his Throwback Thursday sweetheart. I once had a huge crush on this girl in high school. I wonder if I would go through all this for her. (We never dated though. In fact she didn’t know about my crush. Actually, we never spoke. But I swear to you, I loved her.) James went through a lot and he won her over. He bodied Stern and picked up two additional clubs in the aftermath. Why isn’t he atop this list? That damn card at the end. Coupled with Tommy’s impending decision, James went from Steph and Riley Curry to J.R. Smith. (for my non basketball fans that means winners to losers.) Good luck to J.R. with those contract issues and good luck to James with those potential death issues.


Flip phone on fleek.

1. Felipe Lobos.
I’ll start by saying Wharton Alums are out here winning. Now, your man El Jefe survived a serious shanking and could have done anything with spare time. His first plan of action, threaten to kill a man’s dog and girlfriend if that man doesn’t kill said man’s best friend. Not too much more gangster than that. Even behind bars he’s on top. Get him back into one of those fly suits and he’ll back in full business.  Only thing that could have brought him down was the flip phone use. I assume that is what drug lords use. Walter White had hella flip phones too though. So Lobos gets a pass. He is currently the TRILLEST of them All.




jeff trill

Stay Trill, folks.