Trill Motivation #1
Haiku #401

from Tupac Shakur’s, Changes

This is a world and generation drenched in sarcasm and instantaneous critique. Everyone’s a Twitter comedian armed with memes of mass destruction. Positive affirmation is rarely as visible. Living in jest might bring upon momentary fun but overall we have to be better to one another. We must be kinder and less judgmental to one another even when our instincts sometimes suggest otherwise. To reach excellence one has to push others to be great. Thinking about change is a thought process made for innovators.

If you’ve found yourself stuck in a rut, then change directions. Switch up the norm if the norm continues to net the same low level results. The old way can get you but so far. ” That’s not how we’ve always done it” or ” This has always worked for me,” are statements that will always keep you in one place. A #Trill mentality encourages movement, particularly when the moves of the past aren’t working.

Tupac was the ultimate dichotomy. Many condemn his actions. I remember hims as being a very young man before his death, with a passionate outlook on life. He stated, “I’m not saying I’m gonna change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change the world.” This mentality of inspiring others and charging up minds will only lead to a better world. If you’re not thinking like this then you aren’t truly committed to reaching the highest levels of success.

RIP Tupac Shakur (September 13, 1996)


Stay trill, folks.