Hey Friends!

Trill or Not Trill has now been around for 1 year! Hip Hip Hooray!!!

This past year we’ve written over 150 articles reaching over 65k views. Some people love the Social Change Model and some love Beyonce so we put them together. We found out what it would be like if David Bowie was a student leader and  dissected Jay Z’s lyrics. We’ve created great programs, icebreakers and workshops revolving Solange’s latest album, Prince , shopping at Target, as well as some beans, greens and potatoes.

We Netflixed  and kept it Trill with you on shows like The Get Down and Stranger Things.

Now we’re looking for new voices!

We are calling out to our fellow students affairs colleagues, students writers, educators and fellow disruptors  of student development to contribute!

Who are we looking for:

  • Dope creative, out of the box people who can effectively infuse pop culture into student development
  • Someone who is not afraid to express their own voice for the betterment of the students
  • More program and workshop ideas
  • More pop culture based pieces based on existing Higher Ed theories and practices

What we can offer

  • An opportunity to contribute to a continually growing educational platform
  • A chance to bolster your portfolio as an educational writer and content creator 
  • Presentation opportunities. Our writers, have been and/or  will be presenting presentations based off of their articles at conferences such as NASPA, NACA, NCSL, Golden Key and more.

If you are interested in contributing

  • Send an email to with the subject line “TRILL CONTRIBUTOR”
  • Send us 2-3 ideas that you would pitch to the site


IMG_4902MrJeffDess is a writer, professor, public speaker and emcee of Haitian descent. He is an author of 5 books of poetry, including his latest, Trill Motivation With over ten years of performing and student affairs experience under his belt MrJeffDess continues to strive towards helping students reach their highest potential. For booking information, contact MrJeffDess at