Turn Criticism to Greatness
Featuring Steph Curry
Trill or Not Trill?

During the 2014-15 NBA season the Warriors ran off an amazing season. The season concluded with a championship banner being raised above the rafters. They weren’t his best performances, but Stephen Curry played a huge part in winning the championship. Back in 2007 I told my barber to hit channel 2 for a Davidson game. The barbershop laughed at me but in all honesty they didn’t know Stephen Curry just yet. Earlier, I had watched this guy shoot lights out against a Michigan team that had bonafied NBA prospects. Like Steph you never know who is watching you from the start.  Let’s fast forward Stephen Curry is having an amazing season leading his warriors teams to a 19-0 record thus far this season. As a student sometimes your greatness maybe lost in criticism. Better yet lost through self-doubt or lack of leadership. True greatness and leadership requires one to fight through and overcome adversity at all costs. Stephen Curry is now an NBA MVP and Champion.  So with the help of my man Chef Curry I will teach you how to find the greatness within you despite any odds.

1. Grit According to a few dictionaries  this term stands for finding the true courage inside of you. Let’s look at Steph Curry labeled as too frail and skinny many would of never expected him to survive amongst the NBA giants. But after exhibitingsteph critique grit and resilience, Steph took on a NBA giant Lebron James,  a physical specimen and defeated his team in the NBA finals. Let’s take a look at you the student. When entering class, college, interview or even a date ask yourself these questions. Why do you exist? What negative labels were given that can be turned positive? What are your biggest strengths?  My high school English teacher helped me obtain grit by telling me I would never graduate from school. 10 years later as a professor and a couple degrees under my belt I thank him daily. He gave me the burning desire to be great. Take that bad standardized test, difficult class or naysayers as a driving force to success. Steph Curry does it night in and night out so can you.

2. Bounce back – early on in Steph’s career, scouts were right his small frame led toanke injury injuries. Steph curry had multiple surgeries on his ankles. This could of been a great career cut short,  but he bounced back in a great way. Every year Steph curry has an improved attribute to his game. From jump shot, dribble, improved body frame and more. Ask yourself this, What are you doing when no one is looking? Your ability to work alone determines greatness because you’re holding yourself accountable in personal success. Start reading books outside of the classroom. If you’re averaging a “B” in a course please attend tutoring. You have more room to grow. In high school take on advanced classes. In college join programs outside of the classroom. Improve on all your fears and weaknesses. If it don’t make you uncomfortable than work harder. Your biggest dreams are outside of your comfort zone. Get there!

 3. Can’t forget Riley
The one thing I admire about Steph Curry is the support of his family. The camera will quickly show his wife ,parents and child cheering him on. As a leader exhibiting greatness you need true fans/supporters. There are  people, who behind closed doors  give constructive criticism with a splash of motivation and in public cheer you on.riley 2 There will be days people and events will make greatness seem so far away. You need to have that extra life line of support. Get yourself a Riley that no matter what would ride and support you win or lose. Let’s not forget Riley during the finals press conference. Riley made you remember the authenticity and realness of Steph Curry. She reminded all that when the ball stops Steph is a father and family man. You need a person in that circle to remind you and keep you humble even after reaching greatness. Trust your circle!!


4. Dribble through the defense 
Steph curry has some crazy dribble moves. (Just ask Chris Paul. Sheesh). We spoke briefly on a positive inner circle but what is your response to defenders blocking you from the dream. One must dribble through double and triple teams to find lanes to stephen-curry-ankle-breaker-george-hill-stephen-curry-gifsthe basket like Steph Curry. Often times we see images that show our perception of the line to the success compared to the true line which never seems straight. Start making moves and create paths out of tight situations. Learn the ins and outs of the position you want. When one tries to deflect create a pump fake move that no one is expecting. Stop being so predictable while coming down this lane of success. Steph curry is a magician often called a chef because his moves are always different. He is never predictable making it impossible to guard despite defenders flying in left and right. The answer “no” will be frequently on your path to the basket  but are you going to continue making the same moves expecting different results. It’s time to craft moves that are exclusive to you. Don’t be afraid to take a “deep ball” or the the long shot to get exactly what you want in your personal success.

Next time you see a Warriors game  remind yourself about 6  years ago Steph Curry was considered “Average”. Remember that he was drafted after the likes of Johnny Flynn and Ricky Rubio. Taking the given traits and examples in this article, he never settled on anything less than greatness. Neither should you. Go Warriors!



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